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  1. This is mine from last year, moved into a new place and my village wont be displayed this year. My collection is St. Nicholas Square from Kohl's.
  2. I want to know then why do they have a 5 year warranty on the box? Why would they warranty a product if its only going to last a few weeks?
  3. I bought some Martha Stewart Everyday LEDs from Home Depot at the beginning of the season. I wasn't to happy with having to buy her brand of lights but she was the only one that had all green LED sets. Well in the past two weeks I have had 4 out 8 sets I bought completely go out, I am really unhappy about this!!!!.
  4. Welcome, from the middle of Kentucky, Im in Lexington.
  5. I know Lowes had rope light last time I was there, but thats here in Kentucky,
  6. Hey Tim you're close to my parents display in Villa Hills, KY. We have also realized that if the lights are on before it starts raining we less likely have issues with the GFI's tripping, don't know why but that seems to work.
  7. I am also in Kentucky, I have a small display at my town-home in Lexington, but my parents have a large display that I help with, in Villa Hills.
  8. I have wrapped my connects with black tape and have not had an issue, yes it is time consuming but I don't have a large display. I have also ran an extension cord inside the house to a non GFI outlet, I know the risk though, but still do it.
  9. Maybe have the lights closer together, so it reads more of a solid line.
  10. If you have the time, maybe add another star over you double garage door.
  11. We just hammer a piece of the gray plastic electrical conduit into the ground and slip the blow mold over the conduit. We use 3/4", its less than 2 bucks here in KY for a 10' section and its easy to cut so you can get a few stakes out of one piece. We usually cut them around the same size as the mold and add 12" to it so enough to put in the ground.
  12. Looks great!!! Im still working on mine unfortunately. I hate getting home from work and its dark.
  13. Can you post a pic? Lowes also sells an LED flood light.
  14. Well people have different experiences with different products, I have had luck with using just the regular multi purpose Krylon paint on the few molds I painted.
  15. Well, any Krylon paint will work it doesn't just have to the fusion paint. I know Wal-Mart has a pretty good selection of colors. I'm sure though the model paint will work, but I have brushed paint on before and have had brush strokes appear with the mold is lit, that just been my experiences.
  16. I have a low sloping roof on the front of my house that I would like to put this Santa in an airplane tinsel wire frame sculpture on. I have read people use shingle clips to hold stuff to their roof and I have also read where some use L brackets and slip the under the shingles, has anyone had luck with this methods? I just don't want it to fall off the roof.
  17. What we did is drilled a hole in the bottom of him the slip it over a stake.
  18. I made what I call a "saddle" frame out of 2x4's that sat on the ridge of the roof of the garage, to mount a witch for halloween. Just had a sand bag on the front and back. It didn't move, we had some strong winds the week before halloween too here in KY the neighbor tree blew down, but the witch stayed up on the roof like it was no big deal.
  19. Most of the lights are hung at my parents house, mine is going up this weekend for the most part, it wont be lite until after thanksgiving tho.
  20. Yea, I did miss the part about them being LED, I know there is a way to cut them tho, just not sure how.
  21. What type of cord is on the C7 string? If its just two wires you can cut the string to the size you want.
  22. I also love your stable with the stone background, could you get some pics of how you built it? That would be great.
  23. Depending on how tall the ceiling is in the area you are putting the tree, you could put it on a small platform to elevated it some out of the little ones reach.
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