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  1. Hi everybody, hope all is well and wish everyone a safe and successful season. Now my question for the electrical gurus. I want to cut a 50 light mini string down to 25 lights. Does anyone know what size resistor I should use? I would like to keep the same brightness as the 50 light sets. I need 3 sets of 25 lights and would rather not have to use black tape or caps for all those unused lights.
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    Can anyone help me find the CD Disneylands Holiday Magic ? I have checked everywhere. This CD is no longer made. I would be willing to pay for a copy or download. Thanks and any help would be appreciated. Thanks again John
  3. :tree:Hi, I have a video to that song. It is my 2nd year with this song. check out my videos. http://www.youtube.com/?v=QNBzsxDM-Wo http://www.youtube.com/?v=_OtaM8Nm1iY Happy Holidays to everyone and enjoy
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