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  1. Thanks. I just can't wait until Christmas...I'm planning the biggest display yet...over 16000 lights in an area no larger than 8ft x 8ft!
  2. I own a flower shop and my Christmas displays are always a big hit with the locals. My display is entirely indoors, as I'm on a very busy highway and if it ain't nailed down outside, it wouldn't last an hour. However, I've been wanting to use my LOR hardware for something other than the Yule season...here's what I came up with...nothing related to any particular season...just something to catch the eye of drivers going by... http://www.youtube.com/houseofflowersal#p/u/2/WzLpgs7f6w8
  3. I've been reading these forums all weekend, getting ideas on construction. But OMG...where do you find lights that aren't priced out of this world? I own a retail flower shop in Alabama and I use my LOR controller in my window displays to get more attention...my most recent idea is to contruct 5 eight foot poles of light, with 7 channels each...which equals 35 strands of light. I don't have any excess clear lights in storage. So I go to Ebay or all of the other online stores...wow, how can folks charge $7-10 or more for a box of 100 lights when they sell in the stores for $1.99-$2.99 at Christmas? Are they gouging me because it's the "off" season? I did find one Ebay seller than had a box of 100 clear for $2.59...I emailed him to see if he had 35 boxes in stock and if I would get a discount for quantity. And wow...shippping won't be cheap either. Anyone have any good sources for cheap lights in the summer? Thanks in advance!
  4. Very very cool show! I love Reflections of Earth, and it's cool to see it set tolight like that. By chance, are you a fan of drum corps? Just curious... Carson's video inspired me and I was bitten by the bug, but this one had me jumping out of my chair clapping! Thanks!
  5. Pretty much everything is on its own separate channel.
  6. It could be that this type of "show" would be defined as needing a syncronization license, which is not offered from ASCAP or BMI, but rather directly from the publisher of the music. Since they don't have any reps in the field to investigate such usage (I assume), I think we are safe.
  7. Maybe it's interpreted differently with each field rep, but I'm not sure that light shows to music would be officially exempt from having to have a license. If a small business with 2 speakers on their sales floor had to buy a license to play music, I'm sure a house with an FM transmitter could fall under the ASCAP or BMI laws...after all, you are indeed transimitting it for the sole purpose of the public hearing the music. Can you give me any references or can anyone that has actually talked to ASCAP or BMI chime in? I'd like to know for certain before I start to transmit.
  8. Well, I know of local businesses that have been fined for piping music into their stores without a license to do so. There are local reps in eachpart of the country that monitor their area. Here's a copy from the FAQs on the ASCAP website: A public performance is one that occurs either in a public place or any place where people gather (other than a small circle of a family or its social acquaintances.) A public performance is also one that is transmitted to the public; for example, radio or television broadcasts, music-on-hold, cable television, and by the internet. Generally, those who publicly perform music obtain permission from the owner of the music or his representative.
  9. Has anyone had any problem with ASCAP or BMI? In order to legally use most any song for a public performance (and using them in a light show via an FM transmitter IS a public performance), a license from ASCAP, BMI, or other licensing organizations is required. The original performers don't have to come after you, the publisher of the music can do it, and if you don't have proper licensing, you can be fined. I don't know what those licenses cost, and on the BMI and ASCAP websites I can't find a fee amount. As popular as light shows are becoming, I can forsee this as a potential problem for some. Just a head's up...
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