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  1. Ventura CA store wiped out also- except- there seems to be a lot of Justin Bieber Xmas wrapping paper left over.............
  2. Sounds like another job for LED KEEPER
  3. On during the show times only. Don't like the idea of powering something when not needed. Combo of safety concerns and energy savings. IMHO, Enjoy the Season!
  4. I have been using this for the last 3 years with no issues at all--- http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=102&cp_id=10239&cs_id=1023904&p_id=4043&seq=1&format=2 Shipping is reasonable.
  5. If you go the 2X4 (or 2X3) route- you might want to add a couple cross braces just to keep the 2 X's from separating. Don't need any thing fancy, maybe just a couple squares of 3/8 plywood every 1/3 of the span. Good luck,
  6. I don't think PVC pipe would handle the traffic by itself- especially if you are in a cold area. Think about 1" PVC (for weather protection) with a 2X4(laid flat) on either side of the PVC for crush protection.
  7. RE: #9- hard to say without looking at the old sequence. BUT- In the 'old' or 'existing' sequence- 1- Edit/ Preferences/ "DMX Preferences" should be selected 2- look how the channel in question is set-up. The colors should be sequenced via the "Color Fade" tool ("O" key). The Color Fade tool should be set for "DMX"(at the bottom of the tool) Note that the color selection now has a cross-hatch on it to signify "DMX mode". The DMX channel line cells "On's", fades, etc should have that DMX crosshatch. If you don't use the DMX Color fade to set-up the DMX(smart and dumb) channels
  8. Lee- and others- the Multicast 239,255.0.5 (to 8) is E1.31 standard networking. the is for communicating with the controller set-up page ONLY. Weitzeld- go back into LOR - change the Multicast IP's to default (note that the last digit will be the universe #) While you are there make certain that the Listener is 5568. Do as FB indicates. Good Luck and don't pull your hair out over this. Seems there is always set up issues that have to be worked through. Good screen shots on your first post.
  9. Ed- if the C7 on the roof are LED then yes, a snubber might help. (resister/ Glade/ incan C9, all work)
  10. Do a topic search on snubbers. Many, many discussions. Basically it's a male plug that has a resistor across the poles. That many strings actually build up a charge in the wire and LED's and the snubber helps dissipate that built up charge. Usually, but not always, placed at the end of the last string. And YES, you can use a Glade warmer. Some guys use the pine scent.
  11. I have made many purchases from Ray Wu. I just used PayPal and have experienced no issues.
  12. NO!!! of course if you are a fan of smoke and sparks, go right ahead............
  13. Strictly Lights- You are not really giving us any information to work with. Have you watched the set-up videos on the HolidayCoro website? http://www.holidaycoro.com/Enttec-Pro-Compatible-DMX-Dongle-p/53.htm
  14. Rely on the written spec's and not on the "look's" PM me with your address and I'll send you one. (gratis) Regards, JH
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