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  1. It may have been your scene that gave me the idea. Anytime I saw a interesting blowmold display, I saved the picture. However, the file got lost when we got a new computer. I don't have any more pictures and all the molds are packed up. The sitting bears were just white bears with a coke bottle cap decal applied. My tree is a folding tree my wife got at a QVC outlet store with some coke can ornaments I found. I would like to see a picture of your tree.
  2. Thanks. The cones are actually banks that I drilled holes in for lights (one for the cone, one for the ice cream). Don't get chocolate - the light won't shine through http://www.ebay.com/itm/28-Giant-Ice-Cream-Cone-Bank-Novelty-Piggy-Bank-Chocolate-Strawberry-Vanilla-/200790543425?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2ec00c8c41
  3. I believe he wants the 54" tall, not the common 34" ones. The plastic sign part is held on by three little tabs that fit into three holes in the face of the blowmold. I managed to find some faces (Merry Christmas and Reindeer Parking) that seemed to have been made for separate sales. They did not have the tabs, and they still had the original tags on them. I had a couple of the molds with damaged signs, so I replaced them - just used small screws to attach the signs. I don't see any problem painting them, just use the "back" (no mounting holes) facing front. The signs pop off pretty easily.
  4. Here's some pictures of my nativity. I moved my nativity and choir display to my parents' front yard next door. Mom said I couldn't do anything too "tacky", but I did add in a few non-traditional animals. A close up shot. Check out the duck in front of the angel on the right and the orange cat just in front of Mary. The sign with Luke 2:11. The sheep and shepherds (the flock is well guarded!) The camels (my kings needed some extra camels for the long journey), even more shepherds, and the deer family.
  5. Actually, I've got enough molds (I had some left over, and I found a box in my storage shed with another bunch of candles), BUT I'm getting close to my limit on power - the last few molds I plugged in one by one with my fingers crossed. I never got around to adding any more circuits this year. The bad part is that I already have an external 60 amp box feeding my pool deck that has an unused breaker slot that I could have used. There's always next year.
  6. Finally got some pictures of my parents' yard. I was trying for 400 this year, but only got to about 370 in the two yards.
  7. Well, almost lit up. I've got my yard completely set up and lit. I set up my choir and nativity in my parents' front yard, but I haven't got it wired up yet (ran out of time this weekend).
  8. I do my yard in scenes, too. BUT, I have about 15 Santas scattered about.
  9. If the picture showed a little more to the right, you might even see a Goofy .
  10. I don't know where the arch came from originally. The lady I purchased it from had a lot of really nice, large decorations (8' tall Santa, 6' tall nutcracker, Santa beside a 7' tall lightpost, etc.). She was moving into a smaller house and downsizing her collection. We only got the arch, a 3' tall sitting Santa reading a list, and three 3' tall elves. The arch is the only outdoor decoration we got; my wife will use the others when she decorates the inside. For lighting the soldiers, I recently purchased 200 inline vampire candelbra sockets with metal clips. I am planning to make two long runs of bulbs. I'll have to remove them when I take down the display, but I like it better than having individual lights plugged into a long cord with many vampire plugs.
  11. I found these sockets at National Artcraft. The sockets are metal lined and rated for up to 40 watts. They also had the 25 watt tube bulb. They work really well in a large mold. I am using them in my large bells; the original sockets were too old and unsafe to use. Like any other candlebra socket, just drill a 1 inch hole and insert bulb.
  12. Started setting up the blowmolds for this year's display. Took a little road trip Saturday and got a really nice arch for the front door (not a blowmold, but it fits in really well!). Got my soldier/penguin wall up on Saturday. No pics yet, but I got all the molds across the front of the house on Sunday. Total this weekend - 111 set up, 250+ more to go. Hope to get the rest set up this week and the wiring done next week.
  13. Easiest way - http://www.ebay.com/itm/General-Multi-Purpose-Memorex-Adaptor-AC-DC-Adapter-4-5V-450mA-4-5-Volts-/290969787923?pt=Multipurpose_AC_to_DC_Adapters&hash=item43bf269e13
  14. Glue on a piece of cardboard, etc., with a 1 inch hole in it. Then use a c-7 socket with wings that's used in blowmolds and Dep't 56 style houses. Easy to replace.
  15. Nice job - done correctly. Always be safe around electricity. My parents live next door, and they originally had a fuse panel. The panel shorted out and started a small fire. It was lucky I was home. I ran over and pulled the meter base and put out the fire with almost no damage. They now have a nice, new breaker panel.
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