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  1. Lightorama Computer controlled. All songs programmed by me. About 15000 LED lights. 16 channels. It is a collage of 8 songs. I have 46 songs done that play for the entire show.
  2. DSE, inside the two pods I got with the tester is what looks like a 330 ohm resistor, the little pod makes a fast simple repair where you are only squeezing the pod together to pierce the wire and keep the water and moisture out, I used my two up already, and got a few 330 resistors from radio shack to fix two more, after soldering the resistor in place of the bulb. I used some heat shrink tube to seal it off from the elements, worked like a charm.
  3. Tks hotrod for the sale, and 100 light strand multi, I just ordered 16 for my 10 foot Christmaslightshow.com mega tree for next year, been using incans since I made it four years ago. I needed 100 light strands to work correctly the way I have it arranged and stretched with my separate 6 channels to it. I have always bought the big box store leds since they came out at Lowes several years ago and were $17.00 a box, but they did last and I still have them, they are sealed like yours are. You cannot hardly find anymore sealed leds at the stores where I have been buying them, Target, Home Depot,
  4. I would think that too, just like the outer coating of resin, if it contained impurities from substandard manufacturing the heat may have effected the resin surrounding the diode in turn damaging the diode. You cannot see it that well in the video or pic, but the white led resin had a yellowish tint to it like heat had discolored it. You being from Florida and me from Southern Louisiana, we both know what heat and humidity will do to things along with heat indexes. My metal sided, non-insulated building gets really hot during those mid afternoons and can only believe that it can't be good for
  5. Agreed Orville on the gap left in the line if they are strung out vs wrapped in a display where it's a little harder to tell. I tried replacing blues and whites in one of the strands to no avail. The new led bulb was much brighter than the older ones in the same strand. I had done some more reading where the actual led itself, not necessarily a christmas string led any led, will degrade in brightness up to 50% in a period of time due to factors such as heat and usage, something about the phosphors around the semi conductor suffering from heat and age. The ambient heat also degrades the resi
  6. Your apology is accepted merrymidget, in your reply to me, "and you expected what?", did seem a bit harsh and sarcastic as though I am ignorant for buying big box store leds, even though you did not intend it to be, hopefully. Believe it or not I make barely $40,000.00 a year after being in law enforcement for 28 years. I would love to purchase commercial strings but sadly with my pay I cannot afford to buy the "good" stuff and care for our family needs. I simply try to bring a little joy to my family during the season whichever way I can and one way is to run my little Mr Christmas box with
  7. I have about 100 led strands in my display along incandescents, I have been using LEDs for about 8 years and have come to notice some strands have become dim over time. All of my LEDs are non- commercial from Lowes, Target, Home Depot etc. My first LEDs were from Lowes, their brand, and they are still just as bright as the day I bought them. I have had some white/blue Target LED icicle for about four years and have noticed they have gotten dimmer. Dim enough that u can look straight into the led, especially the white, and it will not blind you. They are no longer crisp. To make sure I was not
  8. copotay

    Led Keeper?

    tks for the replies, looks like I will need to get one, besides the strings I have problems with like the rusting of the connectors on the lights, I think this would work good becuase I have trash canned a few over the years with only half the string working.
  9. copotay

    Led Keeper?

    Has anyone tried this to fix led strings? http://www.ledkeeper.com/
  10. If you want them to just flash on and off and have your lights already, I use these on some C9s, they work great, this is what they are but I bought a few two years ago for 2 bucks a piece at either ace or true value http://www.amazon.com/Cooper-Wiring-Devices-C471-10/dp/B000H5Y2ES
  11. Tks for the nfo, I was looking for the multi 100 ct.
  12. Hotrod, similar to AGrisWoldXmas question but please refer to my post to see my dilemma: http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php/43766-Mega-tree-question-about-Home-Depot-LEDs Do ya'll carry any multi color 100 count strands, because I am trying to replace the incandescents on my mega tree but want the length to be able to go from the bottom of the tree to the top and back down with one strand thereby making two strands on the tree with only one of your strands, the 70 ct would be to short, I am sure. I do like the fact that yours are sealed especially here in Louisiana where an
  13. Tks, I know had problems with rust issues on my other leds that are replaceable, had to use die electric grease in the sockets to keep them from rusting. As far as opening a box at the store, its online only. I am pretty sure they are half wave, but dont have a problem since MR C just blinks on and off. I am reading checking on some of the vendors right now to see the prices and strand count. tks again for the reply Ted
  14. Hey everyone it might have been posted before but just thought I would post again for anyone looking for the GF santa with sleigh that I could not find one month before christmas last year because I waited too late, but I got it this year. I had tried looking for this mold last year and just missed it from HD for cheap price of $99.00 with free shipping. Everyone other place I tried, ebay, other sites had it for over $150.00. I even contacted a nice secretary at GF last year to see if they had any extra laying around, she looked but only had the single reindeer. She told me that the set up the
  15. Just saw some Home Depot LED lights here: http://www.homedepot.com/Decor-Holiday-Decorations-Christmas-Lights/h_d1/N-5yc1vZ1xg5Zbd6tZ1z11erc/R-202335320/h_d2/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053 I have had a 10 foot mega tree from Christmas Lightshow for two years and have used 15 strands of the 100 ct incandescent minis for the two years simply because when stringing the tree I am able to string a single 100 ct from top to bottom to make two strands on the tree thereby when adding all 15 strands I have a total of 30 strands to make the tree fuller. I have the 1
  16. Ya'll are a life saver, tks for the link, I think I will order a couple of them for spares
  17. I have one of those led 5 foot metal frame skeletons we bought last year and wanted to make it flash or blink on and off. Looking for some kind of simple controller that will just blink like putting a blinker bulb in incandescant strings which will not work for leds. Just something that I can plug the entire skeleton into then plug it into the wall. Has anyone seen something like this. Tks
  18. Hey you, how are ya'll doing this year. Hope ya'll had a good Christmas. PS: The Mr Christmas is still going strong.

  19. No problem, make sure when you eat the fritters don't eat to many, they are very filling and rich, I usually cut them in fours once they are done and share them as appetizers
  20. MEXICAN CORNBREAD 4-8 jalapeno sliced peppers w/ a little bit of juice from jar 2 boxes of jiffy cornbread mix 3 cups milk
  21. Tks ya'll for the suggestions I will keep my eyes open on ebay and I will try calling a few Menards around the country.
  22. No luck, the Home Depot canceled the sleigh with santa and reindeer, but they are shipping me the one reindeer for whatever good that will do. Now the ebay seller is sold out and I cannot find one anywhere on the net besides on ebay now for another $50.00 with shipping bringing a total now to $200.00 for an $89.00 item. I waited too late.
  23. Tks, I am just hoping HD can come through and not cancel the order even if its late, the one deer now shows "Routing", and the sled with deer went from "expected backorder" to "new" this morning. Twice as bad you can no longer hit the two sales pages that showed backordered. So HD may to not even be able to get anymore from GF. Now that my wife has seen the pictures of it and is in love with it, I may have to break down and go with the guy from ebay for about $50.00 bucks more for the two deer set. That would be my luck, to late to be looking for christmas ornaments.
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