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    Louisville, KY.
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    51 Years old. Just learning the ins and outs of light shows. Got a 48 channel LOR system this July hoping to have it somewhat mastered by Christmas.
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    Computers, Movies, Music, and now Lightshows.
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    Service Tech.
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    Just bought a 48 channel LOR system and a CCR to use for arches. We had a 12 channel system from Mr. Christmas for the last few years and decided it was time to move up to bigger and better things.
  1. I have only used 3 of my licences for the computers I use. I can copy & paste new sequences on the PC it just won't let me import the ones from my other PC and copy & paste. Any other ideas?
  2. This is our Light O Rama Halloween Lightshow for 2012. We've added 14 new blowmolds to our show this year. last year we had 16 channels. This year we are running 37. The Pumpkin face we made ourselves as well as stringing lights on the skeletons hanging on the house. All of our lights are LEDs including the ones in the blowmolds. We do this for Halloween and Christmas every year. Since we use LED lights our electric bill is only about $15.00 more per month and we run our show from dusk till dawn for about 3 to 4 weeks for each holiday. The Eye is a projection and the projector also has an LED
  3. I have had LOR for about a year and my PC crashed. Got a new PC and loaded LOR and copied sequences to it. Now it won't let me copy & paste in my sequences. It tells me that can only be done on the original PC. How do I get it to let me copy & paste in my Sequences? I really don't want to have to redo all of my sequences if it can be helped.
  4. LOR does have video output from your PC. Depending on your licence you can do full screen or not. I think it's in the view menu.
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