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    'twas the night before Christmas
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    Love Christmas!
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    Enjoy learning and doing do-it-yourself projects around my house
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    I'm a newbie with lots of lights but no animation (yet!). Looking to learn more about how to add animation and excitement to display!

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  1. I'm so excited for the holidays!

  2. Hello and welcome! There is so much amazing knowledge shared out here...you can spend hours and hours reading! Have fun and enjoy the upcoming holidays!
  3. Welcome to this wonderful "planet"! Be merry and have fun...good luck!
  4. I think it's a pretty darn creative idea! Good for you!
  5. I'm so sorry...thats really discouraging. I do hope you're able to set up the light show at another location. It would be a shame to not get to share this fun hobby with everyone....
  6. Sounds like you are well on your way to being on your towns favorite Christmas light tour route!
  7. Welcome and hope you enjoy this crazy fun place!
  8. Hi Klayfish and welcome! This is my 2nd year into animated lighting and it's really been fun and rewarding! The folks out here on this forum and the LOR forum are so helpful. Between both sites there is so much information and knowledge that at times it can be overwhelming but someone is always there to help...even around midnight and the wee hours of the morning! And yep...you will find yourself wanting more of those controllers pretty quickly :-)
  9. Wow...that is great! You're a newbie...really ?? YOU are a sophisticated newbie!!! How many CCR's do you have (if I may ask)? I really like all the mini trees you have too...did you make them?
  10. I know...I feel like such a big goober...I just go out and stand in front of the house with my jaw dropped open. I still can't believe how it all comes together until this really cool thing! Isn't it sooooo neat that we can do this and share it? I know I'm waxing all cheesy like...LOL !!! I just can't believe it all came together...love this
  11. Hi Bill...I think I saw you and your display on TLC-Extreme Christmas Lights the other night! How cool! p.s. I like the video on your website where it looks like the lights on your house are making it bounce up & down. Really great...hope I can do that someday!
  12. Tonight was the first show of the new animated light display! Whew...glad we finally made it! Thanks to everyone out on the Planet Christmas forums for all your help and advice. There is so much great info and lessons learned out here...if you need to know something the folks here are just incredibly helpful. A few cars have sat and watched the show and beeped their horn. I can hear kids giggling and everyone having a good time. Pretty cool! I feel like its Academy Award night... or something pretty awesome anyway! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!
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