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  1. No, but I did run all of my SPT2 in bundles across the lawn instead of just laid out directly from the controller to each light. May have used extra wire to do this but it looks neat now. I then zip tied them together so I can now just pick it upand lay it back down for next year and not have to re configure it all.
  2. Christmas or Christmas Day is an annual Christian and secular[1] holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus, along with themes such as family, goodwill, giving and compassion. Pay close attention to the "themes" part..... Cmon' people. This type of discussion is really taking away from what Christmas is all about.If Jesus gave his life for all of us, surely you can give your songs (which are not even yours in the first place). Kind of petty now isn't it??? You put them out there in the wide open. Did you REALLY think nobody would download them and use them theirselves? When the time i
  3. If you were closer, i'd sell ya my remaining ones. Bought 32 in 2005 after Christmas and ended up only using 16. Picked them up from Walmart for like $1.25.
  4. SPT1 is the wire you see used for lamps SPT2 is a heavier insulated version.
  5. Sorry all. Looks like I was the one that grabbed the last 3 from AL. May not need this 3rd roll..
  6. Did they have more than just multi and clear at the tampa store?
  7. You can find a video of our rope light tree here: www.BarnesChristmas.com In the video section of course. It's 16 red and white rope lights being controlled by a Light o rama 16D. We love the effect of the rope light.
  8. TED wrote: Ya, kind of figured that so I only plugged them in for 2 seconds to see it light up. The quality on this looks very good. Maybe even a little better than what I would have purchased at walmart. And being one long rope will sure help the logistical side of things.
  9. Funny little thing called shipping charges. :-)
  10. Be careful buying the small zip ties from Action Lighting. They are not very strong at all. 1/2 the time, just pulling them tight with very little strength, they snap. No other complaints about Action Lighting products though. Luke
  11. Well, Big Lot's still has everyone beat on the rope light pricing. $6.00 at big lots. $9.99 at kmart and they are shorter than 18 feet, lol
  12. Just an FYI on these guys. Just got the order in and they are nice. They are each on a reel and there are 4 additional plugs. Plugged the single reel in and it works. They have my approval for sure.
  13. Hi all, Are there not any websites to list your light show? Would appreciate any help. Thanks, Luke
  14. I'll be using my canister yard projector that I bought from walmart a couple years back. It has something like 30 inserts for different occasions. It's just a transparency basically so I printed out my sign with a fairly high end laser printer onto a transparency and inserted it and it works great.
  15. No problem. Ordered yesterday and got the notification that they shipped today through Fed Ex. I definetly missed out on that sale from action.
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