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    8th year I have about 130,000 lights now i need to make the dance, now moving to LED RGB

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  1. http://www.countdownclockcodes.com/cd/ccc-christmas/show.swf?clickURL=http://www.countdownclockcodes.com/&clickLABEL=Countdown-Clocks&flashLABEL=CountdownClockCodes&skin=http://www.countdownclockcodes.com/cd/ccc-christmas/skins/40.jpg&text=Merry Christmas&untilColor=6724095&textColor=0&datesColor=0&year=2012&month=11&day=25&hour=7&minute=31&second=21&x=95&y=96" quality="high" bgcolor=...
  2. Put Christ Back In Christmas, I Know its July, but i'm finally caught up on last year and, I wanted to share this with everyone, I made this for my first show this year, and I had people standing on the side of the street with tears in their eyes, so I used it, to start the Show in Multi color and did a Solid White version for Half Show. We all do this for enjoyment, and we don't realize the effect that it has on people. I live in South Florida and their are a lot of older people that have a problem driving after dark. by the end of the first week playing, we had cars lining the streets wi
  3. Thank you, for your comments, I have RGW floods that should help the house, and I bought 24-2 foot snow flakes for the roof, but I ran out of time, I have 40 feet of fence to the right of the show and it goes around the corner another 80 feet which has lights along the top and Icicles but it looked dark because of the distance, I would like to direct the traffic that way this year and I need something to pull everyone that way. My wife loves the show but hates clutter, i have about 50 RGW candy canes from the past years but looked a little bit dull compaired to the front yard, so I left the
  4. This was my First year, I started with 10 controllers / 160 Channels and Approx 80,000 lights, I would like to know the thoughts of the people that have been doing this awhile. what could I do to make it better this year, everyone Loved it, But as you can see I had big trees in the view, and things looked cramped to me. I have 2 more controllers for this year 2012, and would like to do leaping polls or more mini trees, please watch and comment on show, I know that I need a better Video
  5. Ive had the same problem with my controllers, they are the New G2 controllers, I bought 11 this Oct. and 4 are doing the same thing, one has 4 bad channels, one has two channels stuck open and the other two have one channel, so I called LOR and they are having a problem with the new G2 boards, and Dan is sending me new boards out to fix them with, the older boards can be reset with the jumper, read the owners manual on LOR for your Box, it will explain how, and that works some times, but the new G2 boards cant be reset. I Tried. so I highly advise if you bought the new boards contact LOR. ASA
  6. Hope you felling better, I had a Heart attack 16 month a go, ended up with Quad Bipass at 48, now I just do alittle bit on my display every day. Dont rush youself just do something every day and your display will look just fine. It is like theropy for me.
  7. try this link, you can make this.http://www.christmaslightshow.com/mega-tree-hook-head-outdoor-Christmas-decorations.html
  8. here is a link to a mega tree topper kit, this is what I use. http://www.christmaslightshow.com/mega-tree-hook-head-outdoor-Christmas-decorations.html
  9. look for a sign company in your area, they can tell you where, or get it for you
  10. Finally, got my order in for my 10 Controllers, figured 160 would be a good start for my first year. Some how when I split the order, I ordered 12 so it's going to be 192 my first year, Wahoo!!!!! they have been shipped and will be here Thursday. But thats not the curve ball, I got a call from my future Son-in law and my Daughter and they have decided to get married on Nov 12th and want us to throw the wedding, Nothing like short notice, He is 24 and in the Army, She is 21 and they have been togeather over a year now. So does any one know where I can find the Wedding March Sequance and t
  11. Last year and a half was not a good time for me, you see it started in Febuary 2009. I went to the VA for my yearly check up, I was 48 years old and in good health. They conducted a stress test on me and all the results were fine. well after that, I started felling tired all the time. March and April went by and I didnt fill any better, so my wife made me an appointment with my local Dr. she said im grumpy all the time and something is wrong with me. In May stuff really got bad. I started getting alot of pain in my chest after I ate something. This went on for a couple of weeks so my doctor
  12. Sams Club in South Tampa has their Christmas Stuff out, 200 ct mini LED $19.95 150 Ct, C-6 same $19.95 I got mine yesterday.
  13. Tampa, Fl. Sams Club is selling Christmas Lights, Bought 20- 150 ct c-5 rolls yesterday
  14. Tampa Fl. Sam's Club has lights out 150 ct C-5 LED 19.98, mini 200 ct 19.98
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