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    Am 76 and retired engineer
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    gardening and Christmas lights
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    I started my display over 25 years ago. Had the largest display in the entire area plus animation. Started before electronics. Used motors. Had over 150,000 lights and life sized hand made figures in the 8' X 16' manger. Had moving Mr & Mrs Santa in the Santa house. I finally had to give up at my place. It covered at least 2 acreas. I donated it to a nursing home which has a 500' double driveway 250' in and 250' out I now help them as advisory and electronics

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  1. I have used minis for years and have lots fo wire frames. I would switch differant color bulbs to create differant designs Now that I wish o change over to leds I was wondering if I could till do this. I looked at a set and it did not appear that I could remove the bulb. I use 1/4" rods and plastic clips. Thanks
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