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  1. As Don said, I think he was testing his display. I knew it I knew it. I'm not sure how many lights it takes to cause a 4.3 on the ricter scale (I know I didn't spell that right) but it must be a bunch. I felt it at the airport 20 miles away. He could have waited till dark to do that so we could see the dark sky light up but nooooooo........ So Chuck D, you okay???
  2. I wouldn't worry about the amperage. heck go for 30amps. The fuses will blow before it gets that far anyway. But like Chuck said, go with LED and you still wouldn't have to worry...
  3. That's what Paul (and staff) does... CDI rocks to get-r-done...
  4. Larry, Visit www.bricktownamusement.com and you'll see what I do for Halloween, and for Christmas too.
  5. Haven't seen this before. They have a large area with animated lights for Halloween. This link has a commercial at the beginning of it. http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/dpp/news/local_news/Atlanta-Firefighters-Battle-Piedmont-Road-Blaze-20101007-am-sd This link is their News press. http://hospitality-1st.com/PressNews/LakeLanier-092810.html
  6. Yes Don, you're right. I guess I just need a push to change. I'm sure it's worth every penny for the upgrades and such but for me, driving old cars is easier to work on. LOL I'll make the switch one of these days but if I do, then I lose my ability to sequence a little at work which LOR1 was accidently installed when I first started at my new job last year and won't let me install LOR2.
  7. I still have LOR1 and can use 100s of controllers from the very beginning. Can't believe you have to upgrade to use more controllers with LOR2.
  8. Cliff, I have 3 strands per channel of the same color for my 20' mega tree. Green last year and adding blue this year. My strands are/will be blue/green twisted as one. Next year I'll add red, then white. I use 3 strands per channel to make each channel more pronounced (versus one strand) but also so if I lose a strand, it won't be as noticeable until I fix it when weather is good or have time. Also, I'm using one controller per color (16 channels for green, 16 channels for blue) and still have a nice fade/chase to them. Here is a couple pics. [ATTACH=CONFIG]38142[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]38143[/ATTACH]
  9. Well you didn't say cheaper. Rent a High Reach and lag them pupies down....
  10. So I don't get the screwup. How much were they supposed to be? If the HD in my area only started this early....
  11. I used a metal strip bent at an angle and slid it under the shingles. Didn't harm the shingles either. The only time I had movement is when we had our historic blizzard (figures). Only one or two moved on me but was easy enough to get back in place. Here's a pic of what they looked like in position. [ATTACH=CONFIG]38108[/ATTACH]
  12. Jason, Several years ago, I used 16 strands @ 30' long of multi color LEDs. I doubled over the strands on the 12' tree (same thing can be done on a 16' tree as well) so I had what looked like 32 strands and had them connected to one 16 channel controller.The extra lights I just reconnected at the bottom of the pole. Here is a pic of what it looked like. Again, It was 16 strands but doubled over at the top and back down to give the look of 32 strands. Hope this helps, [ATTACH=CONFIG]38091[/ATTACH] Oh, the pic was shot from around 15' away.
  13. Jason, Thanks, I used C6 LEDs, 48 strands but only 16 channels (3 strands per channel). I wanted each channel with a little more punch so I went with 3 strands, but that's just me. I'm going 30 feet this year and will be adding another 10' section of pole so it will be 16 channels versus 8 from last year (in the photos). At least that's the plan. I've done 32 strands on 16 channels in the past (2 per channel) and it looked good as well but that mega tree was 16' tall. So the bigger I went with the mega tree, the more strands I prefer to keep it fuller.
  14. I used white LEDs smaller than C6 (maybe C4?) for my 20' mega tree using 8 channels last year. Worked pretty good too. I'll try to take a pic of what it looks like during the day but here is a couple shots of it at night. [ATTACH=CONFIG]38032[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]38034[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]38033[/ATTACH]
  15. I wouldn't say cheap. Maybe a lower price, but not cheap.
  16. I would advise against going with an adapter other than one from LOR. I purchased one from a local store one time and it didn't work properly (learned the hard way). You only have to buy one and will have no problems.
  17. Don't go to Oklahoma City south side Home Depot. They don't have any Christmas stuff out. Wal-Mart is the same way. NOTHING. But Lowe's has kicked in pretty good.
  18. Hey Don, It's not too early at all. Now is the time to get that info to you before we all get too busy, including yourself. And as always, we appreciate you doing this for us.
  19. It sure sounded like Jean's work. Love his music.
  20. Place lights shining behind the boat and upward toward the sky. Have a fog machine or two in the boat. Have an actor or two in or around the boat. As for the grassy area, place fog machines upwind and adjust according to the day the wind blows, if it blows at all. Wal-Mart foggers are good if you maintain them but may take several for outdoor fogging in a big area. With trees and grassy area, the fog may linger around longer which is very cool when you have lighting in areas to light it up (colored floods would add to it, green, blue and red). Just my thoughts/experience, The only limitation is your imagination... Good luck.
  21. Thanks Doug and Jen. Tony, I didn't expect that but I appreciate it very much!!! It was not an easy task. You have this young innocent talented voice singing a song, sung by Bette Midler and your son sang it very well. So the bar is already set high and couldn't mess that up. So I took a little extra care to get it right, or at least I tried my best. When a child sings a song, there is a different meaning to the song because it's sung from deep in their heart and you can tell because they are focused on trying so hard to make it right. And Tony's son did just that. So yes it was hard not to get those watery eyes at the end of the song once all sequenced. It was my privilege and hope your son enjoys it half as much as I did sequencing it. Oh, Tony said this was going to be a surprise for his son which is why the kids were sleeping. Thank you!!!
  22. I didn't wrap them but attached them to some arches in a display I made at work (at FAA). I didn't have enough to go all the way down on both sides but you kinda get the idea. Sorry for the really bad pics. My camera did not do justice for this at all. It looked a lot better in person. [ATTACH=CONFIG]37632[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]37631[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]37630[/ATTACH]
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