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  1. Hey greg, I know your daughter took some pics of the event. Any way to post them here?
  2. If it were me, I would hook up directly to my DC board and not use the brain or multicontroller. The three RGB wires to the neg terminals (example channels 1, 2 & 3) and common wire to any pos terminal (example channel 1) all using terminal lugs.
  3. Which controller are you using? Per the web site. Connect these lights to our Rainbow Brain, MultiController or any DC lighting controller and watch the RGB magic come to life!
  4. And A very good point I overlooked. A BIG THANK YOU to Michael of 3G Lighting Creations and Doug of Wireframe D'Lites for supplying the door prizes. I was very impressed with the donation and the great quality of your products. Again, THANK YOU!!!
  5. Well another GREAT mini down in the history books. Just wanted to say THANK YOU Greg and Maggie for hosting it again this year at your house. AND for all the goodies brought from others (Johnnies Sweet Creations, your treats are killer!!!) It was great seeing everyone and meeting new folks. And seeing some projects is always great. Mr. Holland, your LEDs are super powerful. Good grief, a mega 100w LED that could light up a whole town. That is kicking butt my friend. Thank you for bringing your works of art. And then some demos from several members is always a plus to see in action. I had a GREAT time and ENJOYED visiting with everyone!!! Thank you!!! Tom
  6. BTW, can someone use a 12' wooden ladder? How about incan mini lights? All colors (a bunch of them). Or snow flakes, star, helicopter and other wireframes? Lots of rope lights (a bunch of them)? Various Christmas decor stuff? If so, that's some stuff I'm bringing. As mentioned earlier, I really don't want to bring it back home.
  7. Tomorrow!!! I have my trailer loaded up. I hope to pass on some good deals to folks that can use them. See everyone tomorrow!!!
  8. If it's not too much trouble, I would like to see it in action. I would like to see what you did and what you have.
  9. LOL It sure is. I plan to sleep half the time just to make this week go by faster
  10. Welcom Orchidman, Yes, bring that laptop and what ever else you want. I'll probably learn something out of the mix myself.
  11. Dang it Don. Does it count if I thought about it? I woke up yesterday thinking TWO WEEKS, then I got busy and poof, the day was gone. BUT I did manage to break out stuff I'm gettin rid of and bringing to the mini. So now we can say LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!! BTW, Happy Easter Everyone!!!
  12. Looking forward to getting blinded by it.
  13. Well I missed the one month reminder (time goin by fast) so here is a.... 4 weeks till the mini reminder
  14. Yes, alot can happen in a couple years. I'm looking forward to catching up and seeing everyone again.
  15. Thank you. It's sad I had to close the ride but I am living life without a lot less stress and can focus more on my family and attend Mini's again. Also, the date for the Mini has been chosen by majority that voted on the Poll. April 13th, 2013
  16. Time is running short and one more day to put in your preferred date on the poll for the mini.
  17. Doug, that would be great to meet you in person!!! Hope you can make it.
  18. Hey Doug, That is VERY kind of you to do this. Folks. Doug has made me some wire frames in the past and his work is GREAT!!! Not to forget he works with each person to get that order exactly what you want. Tom
  19. Welcome aboard Gary. Looking forward meeting you and seeing your 80 channel LED setup. There are a lot of great and knowledgeable folks here that I enjoy visiting with at our Mini. I learn alot every time we have a mini and get to meet new friends in the process. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Tom
  20. I can bring some dumb LED strips if need be to show. I also plan to bring a 10 watt LED to share. The dang thing is blinding. !!!Attention!!! SILENT AUCTION INFO Since a lot of folks still use the incans, I plan to bring a BUNCH of incan strands to sell off. A bunch of colors and lengths NIB. I also have R,W,B patriotic strings. Everything will sell as a silent auction thing with no reserve. I'm not taking them back home. Same thing with wireframes. I have several of them I'm not using (including a helicopter). The lights may need to be replaced but all the wireframe structures are in great shape. Then I have extension cords. Rolls of them that must go as well. I'm bringing a trailer load to get rid of. I have some other stuff I'll bring as well. It's all going at highest price and not going back home. Sorry, no pre-sale. You must attend the mini to purchase. That's the fun of a mini :-) If you have stuff to trade or sell, please get involved and bring it!!!
  21. Christmas is not over yet!!! Here we go again... (our 8th annual event) I would like to announce another OK-Mini Plus here in central Oklahoma. As with the past few years, it will be held at Greg Bartlett's house (another member here at P.C.). He and his wonderful wife will host (again) and be involved in helping to make this OK-Mini better than last year. Greg and his wife Maggie has graciously offered their home for the mini (ideal for a mini too). I've (Tom) been away for a spell but do plan to help Greg and Maggie this year and blow this mini out of the water. Date: TBD (A seperate poll will be started but looking at a Saturday in April) Please note - A special 16th birthday is planned for Greg's daughter Catherine on April 6th and I don't think she is wishing for an OK-Mini on her birthday (I know... what is wrong with her, right?) So that day is taken but any other Saturday in April should be fine. Location: 1103 Little River Rd, Norman (http://maps.google.c...003259&t=h&z=19) Time: 1:00 pm until ??? Admission: Free as always Open to all PC members and families!!! Newbies and oldies. Free admission, free lance and free spotlight. All you have to do is attend, share and have fun!!! Meat tray and such will be provided. This means we eat/munch at our own pace and spend more time on the fun stuff. Strongly recommended: Bring your thoughts, ideas and especially your humor. There have been great ideas shared and posted since our last gathering. I would like to see those ideas in person, along with everyone else who attends. There will be an overhead projector connected to a computer for any training/sharing or showing videos of our displays. Now is the time to shine. Chime in and mention what you would like to see/show/share. What would you like to see/share??? DIY? RGB strips? Arches? Mini Trees? Mega Tree? Snow Flakes? It's endless!!! (so bring your stuff). If you are thinking, planning or have started on a project and want to ask/show/share, please do so!!! There will be a swap/trade/sale of items so bring those too. As mentioned earlier, there is "no cost" to attend the OK-Mini. There is no schedule to keep up with once things get started. So show up when you can and for how ever long you can stay. Greg and myself will provide other events going on in the area during the mini for family members not interested in the mini and looking for something else to do. Soooo stay tuned for further updates/posts. Reminder: your inputs are strongly recommended and appreciated. If you have any questions, please post them here or contact Greg @ GMBartlett or myself (Tom) @ Santas Helper. Thank you, and let the fun begin . P.S. I've missed the last two years so it will be great to see everyone again. Please don't be shy. Post your thoughts and ideas!!!
  22. I have two mounted 8 feet high to the mega tree tower and "pad locked". Then I have motion flood lights that light up when there is motion in the area. The motion lights are disabled during the show.
  23. I'm in Oklahoma City. I'll send you a PM with my email. Thanks,
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