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    Robert Burton
    Love Christmas Lights!
    Excited about getting into the "Computerized Christmas Light World"!
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    Updated 12/30/10 - It has been a great season. A lot of great feedback both here on the board and from friends / family. This season I had 128 channels and 28,000 lights. I used Rainbow Floods and Spots in my display as well. I really hope to do more "washing" with more floods this coming season. I hope to start converting more over to LED's as MONEY permits. I also would like to dabble into the DMX world as well. Time will only tell.

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  1. Nice job. I may have to do those charts next year.
  2. Well they pulled the video. I have re-uploaded it to Vimeo
  3. This comes from a REALLY neat CD called "Cool Yule" by the Airmen of Note. This is the U.S. Air Force Jazz Band. Really neat FREE CD that most charts are a mix of ONE classic Jazz chart with ONE classic Christmas chart. Jing,Jing,Jing is a take off of Jingle Bells and Sing,Sing,Sing. This was one of my favorites to sequence. LOT of hit points to work with. I made a projection video I show with this chart located here. What is fun is when some of our elderly guest or "Jazzers" come and see the projection video. They say "that's Gene Krupa! I told them I wanted to be authentic with the video as much as I could. I tell them I love Band Band Jazz as much as they do. They smile at that ;-) Hope you enjoy our rendition of "Jing,Jing,Jing".
  4. Oh that is soooo neat. Somebody needs to share that with the national news outlets. That is just plain cool. Good for you and yes great display. Sure like your pixel tree.
  5. Nice sequencing! Would love to know what you used for your effects on pixel tree.
  6. Chuck I am honored for that comment. Your the reason why and how I got into the this hobby. Just made my Christmas! Thanks and Merry Christmas. Robert
  7. This was from our 2015 show. www.facebook.com/BurtonChristmasLights www.burtonchristmaslights.tk
  8. This is one of the songs from our 2015 Halloween Show. https://www.facebook.com/BurtonChristmasLights/ http://burtonchristmaslights.tk/
  9. How can you test the trigger coil to see if it is bad. Have several I would like to fix. Know the tube needs replacing. Just don't want to unsolder everything not know what else needs replacing.
  10. This is a part of our 2014 display featuring various dmx, Holidaycoro (http://www.HolidayCoro.com), Sandevices and Light O Rama equipment. We have a mix of RGB, incandescent, LED lights along with DIY flood and spot lights from Seasonal Entertainment (http://www.seasonalentertainmentllc.com/). Like us on Facebook at Burton Christmas Lights and visit our webpage at www.burtonchristmaslights.weebly.com.
  11. This is one of the songs from our Halloween Display this year. Check out our Facebook page at Burton Christmas Lights and our website at www.burtonchristmaslights.tk
  12. I hope others read these post when they see the video. Chuck you especially. Everyone needs to go look at the facebook site. Then look through the photo album. THIS is what all of us "Enthusiast" need to use as an example for future events. Not only a block party for their city, but large food spread with tables for everyone, jump house stuff for the kids, pumpkin decorating contest, dance party for the kids and even Santa.... at Halloween! Brilliant just Brilliant. You need to do a write up on all the events of that day. I think something that we all need to consider for "Neighbor Relations". Again Chuck....good feature article right here man ;-)
  13. Nice programming! This would be a good video to show newbies that you don't have to just "Flash" all the time. Nice and simple and just well sequenced. What kind of strobes did you use? Congrats!
  14. Ok, Put my two cents worth in. Most of us PINCH the pennies for our displays. I was running a HP laptop, with a busted display. Can't remember specs on it but it was a Pavillion and one of those "Entertainment" jobbies with about 4 gig of ram. Worked great. Some reason....got blue screen of death several times. That scared me since it was right at the end of November when it happened. Had already ran my Halloween show with no issues. Sooooo, because of the season already started....my Christmas light budget already depleted, I bought a cheap Asus, 4gig of ram....maybe a 250gig drive. Had Win 8.1 (yuck) on it. It was probably just over $200.00 on Amazon. Worked (works) great. Now, that being said... I won't use that computer as my every day computer. I will also keep my sequences from the previous years on another portable drive (backup, backup, backup!). I do use Dropbox and treat it the same way. I keep the "Show Computer" locked down as far as internet to a certain point. I will open it up to grab a new sequence then shut it back. I will do any updates (Windows) at the first of the season and then allow no more until after. Just so that things do not get changed out on LOR. Most of the time I will use a usb thumb drive to move things from my sequencing computer and show computer....but also keep it on Dropbox and an external as well. Before this, I did run my LOR show on a older Dell xp machine. If your running a basic show, it MIGHT run ok for some time. It just really depends on what LOR does with the software. Of course as stated before the EOL is coming soon for XP. So I wouldn't put it on the internet after that if you do go in that direction. Again also if your wanting to go cheap.... you might find some i5 THIRD generation laptops (even refurbed) that would SCREAM on LOR and probably anything else you want to do. Cheaper because of the refurb and the FORTH gen i5 chips are out there. I would look for something with higher memory. Yeah....my old machine would not handle what I do now. But a very basic LOR show....maybe so.
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