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  1. Just want to say Thanks for everyone who helped me get this done. I posted here a while back looking for some last minute help in completing this display. The forum was a great help. Thanks for everyone who voted so far. With everyone's help we progressed into the Semi finals! If you could vote for us again, this time in the Semi-Finals for the Good Morning America Contest. Here is the link to vote for Whitis Family's House on The Good Morning America Poll. We'd appreciate it! Please spread it around. https://www.facebook.com/GoodMorningAmerica?sk=app_122246199110 http:/
  2. Thanks! Had a couple email me already. We are pretty much looking for a display on par with the Holdman Xmas setup. But with a patriotic kick. Now, I would definitely prefer to have him do it, if I could get in touch with him and convince him to do it. If anyone has his contact info, I'm serious. I will get him out here. I have yet to see someone do it better. Anybody else interested in helping to sequence this amazing display? Email me. Thanks everyone
  3. Looking to see if there is a very experience sequencer available to help with our display in late october. We will have approximately 230,000 lights, all LED. We have help setting them up but just want to make sure the programming/sequencing to the music is superb. We are planning to have the most extreme patriotic display. Last years setup Everything will be wrapped 3 times. We want everything to be able to flash, red,white and blue. Please PM me here or email me @ mfs20001atgmail.com Thanks
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