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  1. Not sure If this really applies to many people, but I thought I'd post it anyways. I know that next year I'm going to be putting DMX LED parcans, and a moving light lighting the front of my house, however I was unsure how it would look. Thankfully I realized this before I took my display down, I was able to go outside and take some pictures of how it looks when all the lights are on. If you have some new items (floods, LED's, etc. ) try them out now, if you don't plan on changing your display drastically, you've got a good representation of what It'll look like next year. Nothing fancy
  2. It's currently set up for 3, mouth open, mouth closed, and static head. In the picture all 3 are on for some reason, the row of lights going straight through the mouth would be the closed channel.
  3. Hello! I'm looking for a loving home for my singing reindeer head. Inspired by Marty Slack's head. This one is 4'x4' and sits on 2- 2x4 legs approx 8' tall. This one is made of masonite (composite wood) with a wooden frame. Unsure of the condition of bulbs, I haven't used it in a few years. Each hole was drilled not punched, so replacing lights could possibly be easy. I honestly don't know, haven't had to do it. Basically, I don't have the storage room for this anymore, but I don't want it trashed. If anyone has any questions, or would like to take it home, please let me know. I'll keep
  4. One of my theatre friends forwarded me this. Some of the jargon might be hard, but definitely impressive. A friend of mine helped me put together a partial equipment list: All fountains have a custom LED ring with either 1 or 3w LEDs, VL 3000's, Syncrolite SXB 7/3's, Martin Atomics, LED Sparkle strobes, Color Kinetics Color Reaches, Color Kinetics TR-UV, Chauvet Bubble Kings, Christie projectors, underwater fire canons, moving fire canons, underwater projection domes that can move up and down, custom underwater projector housing, custom underwater housings for the Atomics, and the Vari-Lite
  5. So, I plan on making my display interactive this year and I bought the buttons already. I need to make a panel to house the buttons, so visitors can make selections for songs. I wanted it to be a "podium"-esk thing, and I have made the picture. It's 8.5x11, and I wanted to know what the best way to print this, or have it made, would be. I was thinking about printing it out and putting it between plexi glass, but if there is a better way to have it printed that is weather-proof, I'd love to know. here is the document. http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m297/nickslights/1.jpg T
  6. Today's weather was just too good to pass up, so I decided to build some lanterns which would also double up as speaker/floodlight posts for my Halloween display. They are made out of 2x2 furring strips, really simple. I have also mounted a speaker, and a floodlight holder on the back side. The lanterns are from Wal-Mart. I frosted them and then tinted with a little brown spray paint. I'm hoping to have most of the Halloween display out this coming week for a Light-up next weekend. *fingers Crossed* *sorry for the picture quality, I'll get some better ones when the display is up
  7. Also, if you're looking for some creepy music, try Midnight Syndicate, I have 2 of their cds. I recommend "Vampyre" though.
  8. Dog "Tie-out" stakes are supposted to hold approx. 75-100 lbs dogs, they would probably help, and they'd be less obtrusive than cinder blocks. Though the cinder block can be possibly made into presents.
  9. I use the Belkin mod. Works great, you might have to play around with the antenna length/placement, but once you do it you have it season after season. it is around 110' feet from the transmitter to the street, however it can still be heard 90+ feet down the street.
  10. A couple rules I like to think about when I sequence are, 1, Key change= color change- this is a great suggestion and can make transitions in the music very powerful. 2, No "flashy-ness"- not pointing out anyone in particular and I've done this before. It gets annoying to watch it after 2 weeks.. and its not very creative. 3, analyze the music- think "what do i want to accomplish with this certain section" Do you want certain things lit up, or many things. 4, Keep lights on- for your first couple of seasons people won't know about the lights.. a mistake sometimes made is people
  11. Okay, I got it!, so I realized that the only problem was that the fluid in the tank wasn't staying warm, even inside the house because the tube that was going outside was too cold, so I wrapped the tank and the rest of the coil of tube inside with a heating pad (Tim, I remembered your peanuts slide projector project) and stuck some c9's inside the case of the snow machine, and close to the sock of the snow machine, to keep it from freezing.. within 3 minutes (or the time it took me to wire up the relay) the heating pad alone had heated the tank, and the warm fluid kept the rest warm. wi
  12. so, I was testing my snow machine out tonight...and after about an hour, the fluid was frozen in the nozzle....I'm using the rubbing alcohol and Mr.Bubbles fluid method. So here's what I was thinking, I've extended the supply line, so that I can have the tank inside the house for re-filling.. now, if I wrap the tank in a heating pad...will that be enough to keep the fluid warm?
  13. Nick Diaz


    what colors?. I'm looking to do a tree in them, and possibly future displays.
  14. Are we turning this into a Blowmold dating service? :)
  15. Thanks Everyone, I realize that I didn't take pictures of the blowmolds...and I posted this in the Blowmold fourm...I'll get them tomorrow. I do, but I don't usually put them out until halloween night, cause other wise it just gets annoying inside...
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