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    im 22 and have 2 kids who love my display and a wonderful girlfriend who cant wait for it to be done lol
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    i love my truck and going all out for christmas
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    sell hardware
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    i use as much as i can without overdoing in in the limited space i have but im always comming up with new ideas

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  1. i use a ge system i just can afford an lor system yet but the ge one works good some time the recivers wont start with the next song but for the most part it works i had an extra one so i opened it and did some wireing added some rca cables so i could use an fm transmitter insted of the built in speaker and give me a reason to build a tune to sign but if you can afford to upgrade do it
  2. hi this year im gonna try to put snowflakes on my roof i took alum strips and bent them to the angle of my roof so that the flakes would be stright and just slide them under your shingleslike you would do with clips
  3. these are what i sell at ace if you like them go to your local ace or acehardware.com and it sounds like im trying to sell for ace but its not like that at all just trying to help ace# 9866369 9579962 ace #
  4. i work at ace hardware and i think im able to order them from my warehouse if you have an ace hardware near by you go and ask them to look on there computer or in there dept 9 book cuz ive seen them before when looking for my own stuff
  5. those came out great if you do plan to make them and sell them shoot me a price ive been looking for a good grinch
  6. spool are easy since i work at an ace hardware but id like to try to (ball them up) it seems like it would take up less room then my spools thanks for the info
  7. also im a bit new at this why would cutting and putting them on there own plug over power them
  8. thanks for the info and would you use a full lengh rope light or how would you cut and rewire a plug
  9. well im new here just found this site today trying to get some ideas for my display so glad there is people to talk about my display with cuz my girlfriend is tired of listen to me talk about it
  10. do you light them up after you bend them and what type of lights do you use
  11. is that the only thing your looking for
  12. hea man looks good and i love the countdown till lights come on keep it going
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