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    I work as an electronic technician and like to tinker. This hobby of Christmas decorating works well with my work and my tinkering.
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    Hobbies are computers and discovering new ways to use them.
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    Electronic Technician
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    Our display we like to keep Christian based. We will have approx. 19,000 lights in 2008 with 160 channels of LOR control. Many of our display elements are multi-color and therefore use many channels.
  1. cmoore


    Here is the scoop. First let me apologize for not responding sooner. I have not been hanging out on PC much and Mira just brought this to my attention. When Bob, Mira and I talked in the spring about having Slam. The decision was to wait till fall to be able to have some of the new wares from LOR available. As many of you know, LOR has had problems getting items in, due to partly the redesign of the controllers and the new items. If the items are not available for sale then how could any of us purchase and have them at SLAM. With it being this late in the year. I question is it to late? Are we
  2. cmoore


    Magii, We welcome you to SLAM. We look forward to meeting you and seeing and hearing about your display and the D-Light hardware that you use. Chuck
  3. cmoore


    For anyone that is planning on coming to SLAM would you be interested in doing a demo. If you have something that you do in your display that you feel is unique we would like for you to give a demo. Send us an email so we will know what you would like to do. We have decided to start slam at Noon and go till about 9 p.m. This will allow for us to view lights after dark. Also, if there is anyone that would like to help please let us know that also. http://itsmebob.com/SLAM/ Chuck, Mira and Bob.
  4. If you are going by UL specifications it is 3 sets. Regardless of LED or incadesent. I believe it is next year the UP specificaiton changes to be by wattage. So then the number can vary whether LED or incadesent. Chuck
  5. cmoore

    Hi ya all

    Mira got her wireframes all relit. We took some photos and Mira has posted on her facebook page. I have spent time this year, since Jan. mentoring a new friend in MS on using LOR. She has repaid me by doing 4 songs for us for this year. The megatree should make it to finalization this year. I have 11 more mega strings to make. Then they tree will have 48 mega strings or 192 strings of lights in 4 colors across 64 channels. We have plans at this point to set up part of the display in our neighbors yard. She is in her 80's and really enjoys the lights. At times I feel over whelmed with what I
  6. Valerie at Christmas-LEDs.com has many snowflake designs. I know valerie designs her own frames and has the designs built. Chuck
  7. Go to vendor pages. I know some have wireframe snowflakes.
  8. Unless I missed something in my electrical knowledge a service is always sized and referred to by the main breaker rating. NOT the rating times 2 for each leg. A main breaker in a panel with 200 on the handle is a 200 amp service. Provided of course the wiring and meter are rated as such, NOT 400 amp service. Chuck
  9. There is only going to be 6 of us? Come on everyone! BUMP!
  10. Question. Looks like the package you received is larger than the standard flat rate boxes. Almost like multiple boxes were assembled together for the item you had shipped. Would that be the case? Did the shipper take your package to the P.O. and have them ship it. Cause the label looks like post office generated post label on the upper right corner. IF it was taken to the P.O. and the P.O. applied the postage label then I think that falls back on the window clerk at the unit that accepted the package. Look, I am a postal employee and I don't like when people SLAM the service. Granted we a
  11. Gerald, You use LOR why not use a DC controller and use 2 easy light linkers. You could also set up the train sequence to run from an input trigger to any controller on the network. Like you can sit in the comfort of your house. Press a button that tells the LOR show to run the train sequence. The train sequence starts and runs one time through and then stops. Chuck
  12. Will you be releasing your license for LOR with the laptop? Chuck
  13. I received mine last week. I set them up in the garage connected to controllers. I ran a sequenced for 3 days on a continuous loop. Fades, on/off, twinkles, shimmers...and all were still lit when I disconnected and stored the LED strings. Chuck
  14. cmoore

    Fixing Lights

    Lightkeeper pro will work wonderful for sensing the location that the voltage stops due to an open in the line. Much safer and less invasive than removing bulbs and possibly introducing a secondary problem. The LKP had the button on the top, where the 3 batteries are located, that when you press down and run along the wire will beep if there is voltage there, and stop beeping when no voltage. You may have to seperate the wires with your hang to provide a little distance as to not pick up voltage from adjacent wires. I normally use it in this manner at the sockets. Check both sides of the so
  15. If your talking about the lights in the 2009 preorder. They are fine. They are the same lights that were good in 2006 and 2007. I have tested all of mine anyway and they worked fine.
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