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    This year, I want to improve my display with a prelit LED Christmas tree.
  1. I found a Christmas Lights Etc blog post on reusing ornaments for different holidays, and I absolutely loved the ideas! Has anyone ever done this with some of their ornaments? Share pics!
  2. They have green and clear mini lights here: http://www.christmaslightsetc.com/Mini-Lights.asp
  3. So I found a neat LED Christmas Lights Guide that would be a great read for newbies! It discusses the difference between LED lights and incandescent bulbs, the many different types of LEDs, and gives some good stringing advice. Here it is: http://www.christmaslightsetc.com/pages/led-christmas-lights-guide.htm Just thought I'd share!
  4. I really love the mold, but wow, that is expensive.
  5. Whoa, great vid christmas_nut. Very helpful.
  6. WOW. I love those ornaments! Super cute tree.
  7. Dave H really hit the nail on the head. It depends on personal preference. Granted, there are tons of other LED string lights out there, other than just the M5. A lot of people I've heard of like the conical ones because they're not too intense. Then again, others like the mini ice because they're very true to color and bright.
  8. llewis

    M-5 Leds Minis

    I'd actually never heard of replaceable M5 bulbs until now. Great info on this thread. Thanks!
  9. I've found a 70 count of LED blue C6s here: http://www.christmaslightsetc.com/p/70-LED-Sapphire-Blue-(Strawberry-C6)-Light-Set,-Green-Wire-Patriotic-Lights-and-Decorations--20322--183.htm
  10. I tried and it did not work out well. I wouldn't really suggest it unless it's a last ditch effort at repairing something. It'd be easier to just purchase the color you need and replace.
  11. We had something like that at a haunted house where I used to work. It terrified customers.
  12. I love the sleigh on the fourth pic!
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