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  1. I have the exact one sitting next to me on my puter desk...and a 5ft tall inflatable one in my front window.
  2. I've got one on my way home from work, I'm checkin' it! I'll say its for home improvement stuff.
  3. yeah, i ended up with 2 because i preordered 1 and found 1 locally too. 1 for the front yard 1 for the back.
  4. coooool! where can I get a projector? These are awesome!
  5. Just 10 days or so, I work til 7pm so my nephew won't like turning on the display for more than that long......and the rain is nuts lately. Used to do bout 3 weeks adding more every week.
  6. Are time outs allowed? I didn't know that. 2 sick parents that I took care of kinda took it toll along with work, sadly both passed within about 2 years of the other. Did it the year mom had her stroke but after her passing I didn't have it in me. Pop and I were kinda numb until his passing this past March. Didn't really have any idea of doing it this year but I'm cleaning house so I figured if I'm goin through it all I might as well put it up.....now I'm listening to PC radio and getting ready to set up. but good news is our Walmart is putting up more lights, even my bulb of choice...the C-9! sweet! not a huge fan of the LED C-9's just yet anyway. I'm hopin for a mini light sale like the old days but I'm not holding my breath.
  7. Holy cow! My 12.5 seemed pretty large but 20 ft. They'll catch some wind!
  8. me likey. I just use the vinyl siding L channels around the windows but its a pain. Are those c-9's? My bulb of choice! I may make some of those this year. Great Job! and thanx for the pix, my mind doesn't wrap around directions but pix....
  10. I just got my garage cleaned so I can start Halloween, Christmas goes up after that but i have 2 extra rooms not being used to stage stuff in.
  11. Walmart in my area had some today. Just starting Christmas so just multis that I saw. 6.47 I think?
  12. I have to waite to rake the leaves for the back yard....and Halloween stuff to come down. This weekend I take inventory, been 2 years since last display so I'm lost. I have new inflatables to use so.... funny, cleaning garage kinda got me ramped up to go? .
  13. that arch is great! I carved some real pumpkins one year, looked great for about a week. Might be an idea for next year. I luv this place!
  14. awesome! I miss my old delivery job, I could find tons of stuff on it at garage sales.
  15. WOW! great site with lots of great stuff! I'm known as a puffer (inflatable guy) i guess but I can't leave a blowmold at a garage sale or out by the curb to this day. They just add somethin' nostalgic to a display....but there too quiet!
  16. My nephew works there and he didn't even know, but in his defense he works on the food side mostly. Nothing huge yet, I'm good with lights (did I just say that) with budget constraints and all. Been about 3 years since last display. Time out is over.
  17. Now where did i put that tote full of extension cords? Been gone for a while, back on the horse, I have lots of reading to do. Chaz
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