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  1. I purchased a Ramsey 100B without the stock whip antenna. Besides the stock antenna, has anyone used a different one. I'd like to find one that I can put in the attic or possibly on the roof. A link or model # would be appreciated. Thanks Mark
  2. I paid $800.00 10 years ago, the good thing is that your close to me. We met last year at the HAM2012 in Kansas City. I think that's the 1/2 way point. Mark
  3. This guy is a 1/2 century old and virtually flawless. He has alittle dust and issues that dry cleaning won't fix, which is were he's going next. I bought him at a local antique auction 10 yrs ago after I had found out he stood outside one our stores for 50 or so years. I would like to recoop what I paid for him plus shipping.
  4. That's the one. Thanks for finding it for me.
  5. Not the one but still a cool looking tree. Thanks
  6. I read a post from a gentleman who had a formula to bend his tree base with a conduit bender, which was made from chain link fence top rail. If somebody has seen that post or know of a similar way, please let me know. Thanks
  7. Sure it's going to be expensive if you order a piece of 1/4" 4' x 4' steel, but this place specializes in all types of metals, thicknesses, shapes and sizes. I bought a 3" x 3" piece of aluminum and shipping was 3.00.
  8. I'm sorry, it is McMaster-carr.
  9. Go to McMasters.com. You will find everthing you need.
  10. Mike, Do you agree that it's a 9v power supply into a 110v timer? Mark
  11. How did you do the power supply, did you plug it into a timer?
  12. I'm glad to see that my purchase is in good company. I have read the manual that came with it and want to verify that you guys are using a 9v power supply plugged into a timer to start your show. Also, is the majority just changing out the SD cards with new shows instead of using the 1,2,and 3 trigger inputs. Is anybody doing anything different that just plug and play?
  13. I have a few sequences that have choir voices in them and I would like have a group of singers light up at certain times of the song. Let me know if you have extras or maybe those that are hoarding a few hundred that wouldn't know if they were missing a few. Thanks
  14. That will work. thanks I still would like to see a few pictures of trees in the daytime.
  15. I would like to build 2 spiral trees next year and would like to get some feedback, video or pictures of you or others building one. Figuring out the math would be helpful to. Link me up I ready to go. Thanks
  16. Come by Lights on Millwood. 1812 S. Millwood Wichita, Ks We'll trade stories. Welcome to the madness. Mark
  17. If I may ask, were did you get your info? Do you have one?
  18. I have a whole house fm transmitter and I've flipped the secret switch inside and hooked up the extended wire antenna and i still have crappy reception. I've attached the antenna to the roof but no help. Any suggestions.
  19. Take blood meal, you can get it at the better nurseries, and make little bags from cheesecloth. Tear apart the layers of cheese cloth until you have just one layer. Put the blood meal in the middle of the cloth and pull all 4 corners together and tie with a string. Make several and hang them in your trouble spots, the squirrels hate it.
  20. My show runs through my pc, and I would like to see the animation of the show, like I have in the sequence editor. How do I do that or is it possible?
  21. I got it to import into the animation sequence and turned the lights on for 60 min and it worked. Loaded it up into the show builder and we were off and running. Thanks for everybodys help.
  22. Having trouble importing my channel configuration into the new animation sequence. Got a theory? Thanks
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