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  1. Since I have a smart guy replying i'll tell you the rest of the story. I built a 10' spiral tree this year and you wouldn't believe how many local people want me to make them one for next year. They don't want to spend the money on a LOR set-up so I figured just put it on a chase loop.
  2. I'm looking for a simple 8 or 16 channel chaser controller. 8 will work but 16 is preferred. Having trouble finding what I want.
  3. I bought it from a guy on Craigslist. It's a Members Mark brand which I think Sam's distributes. The tallest king is 34" tall and made out of cast plaster material.
  4. I purchased a Ramsey 100B this summer with a FMA200 5/8 tunable broadcast antenna that mounts on my roof. I have it on it's lowest level and I can pick up a clean static free broadcast 3 miles from my house. Overkill? Maybe, but I'm not having fm transmitter issues anymore.
  5. I think you forgot one 9. In 2006 they cost 99.95 before Christmas. It might of been a different price after Christmas but I don't think they discounted them 90.00 unless it was a trerrible product. As hot as these are I'm not sure that was the case. Anyway you look at it, it was worth the 200.00 I spent on them. Thanks again Brandon
  6. That's all I need to know, thanks everybody.
  7. I ordered it from Show me Cables. Thanks On a related subject, my transmitter will be outside with all the other electronics, will the cold hurt it at all. Are they as durable as the LOR controllers?
  8. For those FM transmitter guru, I purchased the Ramsey FMA200 5/8 wave FM antenna and the Ramsey 100B transmitter. In detail, can somebody tell me which cable and connectors to buy to connect the 2 together. I have to go 75 feet. Thanks
  9. Do you have a price for the unit and the evaporating snow bottles?
  10. Does anyone have one of these? What are the pro's and con's? I'd love to get one for my display but the websites that sell it don't have any outside feedback.
  11. Try Bobby Tully. He did alot of sequencing for LOR this year and he might have some time. He's very good. [email protected]
  12. First question: If they are hollow, what are they made of. Plaster, plastic or concrete? Mine are 36" at the tallest figurine but they're solid plaster and each one weighs about 40 or 50 lbs. It would have to be an F3 tornado to move these. If they are hollow I would try to find a way to fill them with sand or maybe even buckshot. Sand is cheeper and a smaller particle and as big as they are I'm sure that would add 15 possibly 20 ils to each one.
  13. I got mine at Sam's in 2006 and it was 800.00. It was a one time buy for Sam's who labeled it as a Members Mark product so there is no mfg name on it. It must be very popular because a lady in Rode Island offered me 2500.00 for it plus was willing to pay 400.00 for the shipping cost. It was tempting, but I had to decline. I've seen one a Hobby Lobby with a few more pieces and only 30" tall for 1000.00, and I believe it was made out of the same casting material.
  14. There is some feedback on this topic about it being modified for the movie and wheather or not it's a blowmold. To me it looks just like my Empire version but with different paint. Search national lampoon at the top of the page under the forums category, there's alot of traffic on this subject, too many for me to give you links. Cheers
  15. To confirm what the others have said about the help desk, I to soldered my first 2 boards. The first one went fine but me being anal it took twice as long as the 2nd one. I was feeling good going into the 2nd one and feeling a little cocky. Not. I put in the big 16 pin chip next to the cat5 jacks in without the cradle. Went to desolder the chip and burned it up. LOR sent me a new one free of charge, installed it and still wouldn't turn on. Called LOR, they told me to box it up and send it to them. They fixed it and returned it to me within 10 days free of charge, no questions asked, they probably laughed but that's just a guess. Cost me to ship it one way. Can't beat it.
  16. What is your secret to bending the conduit?
  17. Sorry, I meant to send that as a PM. Dag nabit!!
  18. Hello it's me again, tell me what you have now in led and halogen floods. All colors. I have a gentleman who might buy the lot. Thanks Mark FYI the red led strings made it and they all work fine.
  19. I think I understyou and this one better, except for tuning it. Can you school me a bit without too much confusion?
  20. My head hurts now. I might have to purchase this one, don't trust myself to make one. Thanks
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