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    I like blow molds!
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    I have 6 soldies, a large santa, 2 snowmen, 4 candles, 4 Cinnamon bears and 2 gnomes/elves

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  1. WOW, very nice! I would hold on to him for awhile...you can always pop him on Ebay later if you need some extra cash!
  2. Looking good!! We also hit up Ohio for the sale...and found the most items there! We were in Ohio Thursday and Friday and did go a little off the 127 route to find what we found. Here's some pics...we also found a small nativity as well, although ours is Empire... I am diggin' the cow too! We went from West Unity, Ohio all the way to Chattanooga, Tennessee and all the way back to our hometown in the NW Chicago suburbs.
  3. I'd say it def was a great day for an estate sale!
  4. very nice! Curious to find out where you found this treasure at!
  5. 15-20 is still too high for that at a yard sale..you're on the right track with 10.. but honestly I think like 5-8 bucks for it. Yard sales are a different breed, prices are usually always cheap and that's what people look for.
  6. Here you are trying to find one and we are trying to get rid of them, LOL
  7. Woo hoo, that is a blow molders dream!
  8. woohoo!!! Nice haul indeed! I love the Snowman!
  9. Excellent find, if you don't mind me asking..where did you find her??
  10. OMG, gorgeous, lovely,amazing..thanks for sharing!!!
  11. Hi Dennis, That is cool that you get all that Christmas stuff donated, I am sure there is some neat stuff! Since this is mainly the blow mold portion of this website/forum I would stick to those items and older plastic xmas items. You can post them both in this area or the "Sharing it" area of the forum. I can't wait to see what you have!
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