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  1. WOW, very nice! I would hold on to him for awhile...you can always pop him on Ebay later if you need some extra cash!
  2. Looking good!! We also hit up Ohio for the sale...and found the most items there! We were in Ohio Thursday and Friday and did go a little off the 127 route to find what we found. Here's some pics...we also found a small nativity as well, although ours is Empire... I am diggin' the cow too! We went from West Unity, Ohio all the way to Chattanooga, Tennessee and all the way back to our hometown in the NW Chicago suburbs.
  3. I'd say it def was a great day for an estate sale!
  4. very nice! Curious to find out where you found this treasure at!
  5. 15-20 is still too high for that at a yard sale..you're on the right track with 10.. but honestly I think like 5-8 bucks for it. Yard sales are a different breed, prices are usually always cheap and that's what people look for.
  6. Here you are trying to find one and we are trying to get rid of them, LOL
  7. Woo hoo, that is a blow molders dream!
  8. woohoo!!! Nice haul indeed! I love the Snowman!
  9. Excellent find, if you don't mind me asking..where did you find her??
  10. OMG, gorgeous, lovely,amazing..thanks for sharing!!!
  11. Hi Dennis, That is cool that you get all that Christmas stuff donated, I am sure there is some neat stuff! Since this is mainly the blow mold portion of this website/forum I would stick to those items and older plastic xmas items. You can post them both in this area or the "Sharing it" area of the forum. I can't wait to see what you have!
  12. I believe it to be made by Noma, not 100 percent on that though.
  13. wow i LOVE your green version...lovely!!!
  14. Thanks everyone! It went for 75.00, which is much more than the original goes for. LOL maybe they also thought it was original paint...Oh well, good to know that it wasn't some rare color combo
  15. Hi, I was wondering if this blow mold ever came in this color variation..seller says yes, but I've never seen it..thanks!
  16. I'd also like to see a pearlized egg picture too please!
  17. I laugh every time I see common molds at crazy prices..the person who does this is just wasting money on listing fee prices. What I personally do is check out the completed listings and see if there is a pattern of what certain ones have sold at..then I will list a little higher and it usually works out just fine. If I cannot find a mold I am selling within the completed listings..then I might go fishing and put it at a price I feel someone might pay..this also usually ends up working, sometimes not.
  18. I understand what you are saying and that is why I avoid Ebay when buying blow molds for myself, unless there is one I cannot find locally. I do this because I know that once spring and summer hit there will be garage sales a plenty and even craigslist deals as well and where I am located blow molds are not hard to come by what-so-ever. Ebay is for making money and supply and demand is the key to it. If you see a blow mold selling for a certain price, why would you possibly list it at a more reasonable price when you can make more money? It is a business idea and I have done business plenty of times on it. Now I do agree with the estate sale and flea market issues..they cannot be pricing items based on Ebay pricing it makes no sense...Ebay is another world where you have people all around the US and even outside the US competing for items. By this happening prices are driven up. I also roll my eyes when I hear..."You should look on Ebay these are selling for...blahblahblah" I DONT CARE...All I want to tell them is...hey...this isn't Ebay this is a garage sale..or flea market or crappy estate sale. Once I hear Ebay I know what they want and that is a high price. I like Ebay and it is all a big bidding war, you can find many different molds on there you wouldn't necessarily run across easily by where you live. I think it is great for sellers and buyers...buyers get what the want and are happy and sellers make money and are happy..win/win to me.
  19. It almost looks like a dark forest greenish to me? Idk LOL Idk i wonder that too..I'm glad I was given one as a gift either way! --- I think the Old World Santa looks like a gnome/santa...he should have been called a Snome I also like the snowman, he's def. different!
  20. Nativity is nice, the patio is awesome...love when the "little guys" are utilized outdoors!!
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