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  1. This is your fair warning!! The sale is ending soon. You have until the end of this weekend to save 60% on Falling Frost tubes. These sale prices will never be repeated as we are selling them at a loss. If you want to add top notch snowfall lights to your display.. at the best price ever now is your chance! When this sale ends we will continue to sell the best snowfall lights on the market at prices below all competition but never again at these prices. Happy shopping Ryan Frost LED technologies http://www.FrostLEDs.com
  2. Just a reminder... FREE SHIPPING ENDS TONIGHT!! Ryan Frost LED technologies www.FrostLEDs.com
  3. Robert You know you can just order extra sets for the wedding . Well I'm glad you decided to try them out. Please let us know what you think. Ryan Frost LED technologies www.FrostLEDs.com
  4. Yes to both questions Ryan Frost LED technologies www.FrostLEDs.com
  5. Good question sorry if its not clear on the website, ill make sure it gets added. No. You can not intermix the Falling Frost and Dripping icicle tubes. Although similar snowfall lights, they are different products. More info The dripping icicles are not individually connected like the Falling frost. They also have a different fall pattern. Ryan Frost LED technologies www.FrostLEDs.com
  6. Blair .We only sell them in the bundles listed on the site however we could make special arrangements to break up packaging and create custom bundles. To much hassle for a single set but if you were going to pick up a few sets we could do it. If you only want a single set my suggestion would be to order a set of red and a set of green then consider the sale price and free shipping this weekend. You basically would be getting all the 24" for free and then some. Also once you get them you will love them and want more. (HINT.. sale prices willn't last forever) Now is the time to get them. .
  7. Be sure to follow our threads in the vendors arena. Just posted FREE SHIPPING for any order this weekend!! no minimums and no promo codes required. Sale still going Ryan Frost LED technologies www.FrostLEDs.com
  8. HMMM..They would look great at a wedding...... Ryan Frost LED technologies www.FrostLEDs.com
  9. Ok Robert I got a video up of the Dripping icicles (mini tubes). Take a look and let me know what you think. Ryan Frost LED technologies www.FrostLEDs.com
  10. Sorry Robert I failed you again. I will get a minitube vid up tomorrow. please forgive Ryan Frost LED technologies
  11. Robert, Sorry the holiday weekend kept me busy. I will get a mini tube video up later tomorrow. Still have all colors available at sale prices Falling Frost (big tubes)- white, red, blue, green Dripping icicle (mini tubes)- white Ryan Frost LED technologies
  12. To be completely honest it's an older video and I do not recall for sure. I think it was around 35-40 falling frost tubes, mostly 12" with a few 24" mixed in. They are ten fold brighter than they appear in this video we just have not figured out how to capture it. Hope this helps. Ryan Frost LED technologies
  13. Sorry the long tubes are only available in th 3060100T set. Ryan Frost LED technologies
  14. We have plenty in stock of every color as of yesterday. My partner and I have not decided the end to the sale just thought is was time for a crazy promotion. There was not a better day to start it than April fools day. Ill try to get a vid up of the mini tubes by the end of the week. I would not suggest mixing the dripping icicles (mini) with the Falling Frost (large) as the fall pattern is completly different. It is better to use them on different display elements. The big tubes have individual connections so you can mix color and size at will. Ryan Frost LED tecnologies
  15. FYI just posted our spring cleaning sale in the vendors arena. 60% off in stock Fallling Frost led snowfall lights. Heres your chance to add them to your display. Ryan Frost LED tecnologies
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