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    I'm an electrician and have been interested in electricity and lights since I was an infant.
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  1. I keep my connections up on bricks and haven't had 1 GFCI issue all year.
  2. It's much better to open up the plugs and solder right to the contacts in there. I should really make a video on how to do that...
  3. Run 2 3/4'' conduits to every point in your yard you can think of. Have half of them all come back to a big empty steel cabinet for your controllers. The other half gets a bushing so you can pull cat 5 for the future. Under the eaves, have receptacles run back to your cabinet, and cat 6 jacks.
  4. Sorry for not giving enough details. They are 25' strings of incandescent C9's. I am aware of the power consumption, and have planned accordingly. There is a 60A panel right behind these bushes with plenty of open circuits. If I have extra money, I'll buy the retrofit bulbs, I want red, white, and green. I want to make an 8' by 25' net of lights, with the bulbs spaced evenly.
  5. I got 8 strings of C9's I cam going to use. Any suggestions how to build the net?
  6. Has anyone ever constructed C9 net lights? I think they would look great and definitely be easier to troubleshoot. Thinking of using #12 THWN and pin sockets.
  7. I have C9's on the tree in my house. As long as you use the newer ones you won't have a problem.
  8. I use 3 foot ty-raps and ty-rap them to whatever I can.
  9. I use a 60A contactor to control my whole subpanel. Controlled by a Utilitech in-wall timer.
  10. The weird outlet is a NEMA 6-20. 20Amps 208-240Volts. The breaker feeding that outlet should be a 20A.
  11. For Halloween I just put my PA speakers wrapped in plastic on the roof. The wires just get run along the downspout then under the front door to the sound rack.
  12. Plug a nightlight in somewhere in the circuit.
  13. Two dogs that bark if the wind blows in the wrong direction.
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