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  1. I don't normally use SPT cord, but when I do, I purchase it from my local electric supply house.
  2. This looks to me like a privately-owned line and light. If so, you should have 120/240 volts and the light can be disconnected by an electrician. He could even install a subpanel for your lights.
  3. No, because it doesn't actually seal anything.
  4. MOV's in the surge protector are most likely tripping the GFCI
  5. Class 1 power and class 2 data cables are not allowed in the same conduit. NM-B aka "Romex cable is not permitted in wet locations, even if in conduit. I recumbent THWN conductors.
  6. Try connecting an incandescent lamp to the timer. Most cheaper timers use electronic switching.
  7. If your panel is buzzing, make sure your cover panel is secure, as well as the door. It's normal for some humming depending on what brand of circuit breaker you have, but AC current does create magnetic fields at 60Hz and can cause loose equipment to buzz. One time I installed a new breaker panel and the cover panel was loose, but it didn't become noticeable until one of the major appliances was running enough current to make the buzz VERY loud. Scared the heck out of me! Your deadfront should not buzz because it's loose. That would have to be a structural issue.
  8. You could probably make one.
  9. I may be interested in the 12AWG cords, but it depends on how much I get paid after finishing this job. Do any of the cords have lighted or tri-tap ends?
  10. I've been using the same commercial strings for 6 years now, and they look exactly like the ones fresh out of the box.
  11. It's perfectly normal, just harmonics from the triacs. Try running your computer off a UPS with a line conditioner if you're having problems.
  12. Aww :/ Oh well, more people for me to make fun of Jk haha
  13. I own about 20 stings of LED lights and have had 2 fail already. That leaves 10% failure rate.
  14. I have around a dozen gfi's outside for my display. This year, because I'm using SJO cord with cast aluminum boxes and covers, I have yet to have a trip. If you're tripping, get your connections off the ground, and put some cover over them. A plastic sandwich box should do the same job as my covers do.
  15. I like the idea of "accidentally" leaving the sprinklers on overnight. Plus the lights will look nice with ice all over them. It's a win-win!
  16. I believe most people can get 208-240V between sides of the boards.
  17. I'm going to make a video of both panels sometime. I just need to get around to it first.
  18. I'm going to say you may have an open neutral on your hands. Also, how many KVA is your xfrmr, and how far away is it?
  19. I made some cords and used a bell-box, receptacle, and an in-use cover. So far, no gfi trips. We'll see about when I get some wireframes underwater, though.
  20. VK, ever hear of a load bank? I think you just made a big one!
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