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  1. I made a unit that runs an electronic wallwart, so I can use it off a dimmer pack.
  2. I'll provide a sketchup and a few pictures of the board I'm planning on using when I get home.
  3. Okay, so I got one of those chaser light controllers, which run the lights on rectified AC. The lights get connected to the negative, with the common being positive. I want to use the negative to control a transistor which powers up to 600W of lighting, so, will I need a NPN or PNP transistor?
  4. A cord wired "backwards" won't do any damage to any loads, other than being a shock hazard.
  5. Use a 12V security battery and feed the lights off a DC-DC power supply.
  6. How about laying the lights out on the ground, then ty-rapping some black nylon rope at the same space of the lights, to essentially make a giant string of net lights.
  7. Glad the only thing I have to fail is breakers and gfi's.
  8. You need to use an analog timer, the electronics don't like the triac in the digital timer.
  9. Run 2 runs in paralell of Sch.40 ENT under everything you can think of One for 120/208 circuits, one for lovo and data/com.
  10. Also, keep in mind, that although the power supply may be gfi protected, that protection is lost on the load side of the power supply.
  11. I have not had a single GFCI trip this year. I spent about $1,000 on electrical, including extension cords.
  12. Here's a deal: You can all pitch in $5,000, and buy me the decorations.
  13. Gfi's are a requirement on every square inch in this country and Canada. No Exceptions.
  14. You need them because of NEC requirements, as well as common sense. Also, one has perhaps, saved my life this holiday season.
  15. I third this. It makes it easy to see how much you're plugging in. Another helpful too is a clamp-on ammeter. Although expensive, it allows you to clamp around individual conductors to measure current usage.
  16. I'd just leave the show running off a laptop or a computer with a UPS/Standby gennie combination.
  17. Yes. All current-carrying conductors must be in the same sheath. Mettalic conduits must be grounded.
  18. SPT and SOOW are two totally different things. Why do you want to split it for 30''?
  19. I too use LED C9 retrofits. I use "minleon" purple lamps. I got mine from 1000bulbs.com.
  20. I wouldn't. Leave them up till after St. Patty's. Heck, I put up lights for Easter then Red/White/Blue for Summer.
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