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    2011 will be my third year using Animated Lighting
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    Halloween, Christmas, Golf and my family
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    CNC machine operator
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    this year 48 channels and a little over 20000 lights

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  1. thanks for the help, I wonder if the basic version would be sufficient? up to 512 channels it should be...right?
  2. I actually havnt even heard of it till I started reading these forums...It works well with animated lighting? have you been satisfied with it?
  3. I have been a AL customer (48 channels/ 15000 lights) for the last three years. I must say I have loved the product and for the first two years have recommended it highly to anyone who would ask. After Christmas this year I have decided to sell my AL system and start over with LOR. If anyone would care to take the time and share with me anything that might sway my decision in any direction I would definately appreciate it. You can do this by PM if you want.... Thanks...Kevin Jones will be selling: 1 - ELD-30 controller 2 - ELC-15 controllers 1 - Monster Brain
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