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  1. Check out CDIs pre sale I think they had them for .30 each
  2. Very nice job on your display went by and looked great Did you get all done before the 20 + below we got? We still need to hook up for a cup of coffee or pop.
  3. I have purchased the 32 channel set up a few years ago when I switched from static to computer controlled. I have not had a problem with my set up for the last four years. As camper said there are cheaper ways to get the same product but for myself I wanted a set up that I had the chance to learn and build upon. The WOW set up really for me was plug and play to get it working then the sequencing was a hurdle but again there are tons of sequences that can be borrowed from users here and over on LOR and a bunch of other sights. They more than likely will not fit your lay out but are easy to fix up. I have since added 4 more controllers and 6 RGB universes. The more I work with the RGB lights I really like them and plan on moving more to all RGB. I still have a bunch of static so for me it is the challenge of making both fit and work together. A 128 is a bunch of channels to jump into at the first. The cord issue is for real you will need a bunch of zip line and vampire plugs at least 128 of each female and male. it might be a good suggestion to wait for the summer sale at LOR (Light O Rama). If you are not familiar WOW is a vender of LOR and to get a bunch more info go over to LOR and check out the forums there and you can find some units for sale also. I personally would stay away from the ebay and other for sale places seems there is a lot of people taking advantage of people. I would make sure you have a good back ground on the seller. You can ask here or even on LOR forum. The DIY boards are good also it really depends if you want to put the time in on all the soldering. Hope this was helpful and good luck. By the way Welcome to the Madness
  4. DSE

    Led Net Lights

    One bulb should not be to much of a concern. I wouldn't do any more you will over load the rest of the bulbs and then you get DLED's A trick buy 330 ohm resisters instead of bods and just shrink wrap them
  5. DSE

    Led Net Lights

    My guess is one of your bulbs is going bad on you and bring the string down Look for the one that still lights but just not as well as the others
  6. Oh yea count me in for some more strands What a cowardly letter to write
  7. 20 below here and LEDs working good
  8. In my case I leave mine plugged in and running all the time and go out and shake them off one exception when it gets real cold I just let them run with out shaking them like last night it was 20 below zero at my house and funny things happen when you mess with decorations at that temp. (Montana)
  9. DSE

    Replacement Leds

    Dave are they replaceable socket ones you are looking for?
  10. Welcome to the magic 2.5 = 50 or 100 count strings 3.5 = 35 or 70 count strings My guess would be you need 2.5vac lamps
  11. OMG I can just see Doug out on the back porch Night vision goggles, a bunch of grass in his cap Here squirrel, squirrel come to papa.....errrrrr....... Sorry Doug but I had to......
  12. Yep to the expense of it all I do not think you would get an argument here.... Add what you feel is right for you and you will be as good as gold Welcome to the madness........
  13. You have a great start it looks great I would look into just going computer controlled next year with what you have and LOR is a great choice very good support and very easy to work with as stated above the extras will be an added expense and it always takes more than you planned for seems like. If you are handy with a soldering iron you could by the kit form to save some bucks. When you get all that figured adding lights and elements will be lots easier. Make sure to post some pictures when you get er done,,,,,,,, Good luck
  14. Well done Looking good By the way went by your Halloween display and it was super, very nice job my wife made me go by twice......
  15. Looks good and welcome to the madness
  16. C-4 made to look like an acorn?
  17. Controller type - model? RGB lights model? Power?
  18. Update 45 Bulbs remain..........
  19. Update 50 Bulbs remaining ....
  20. You will love your LOR control very good product Yep they have 3/16 round, you will need to find a true metal supplier in your area (1/8,3/16, 1/4 and up) Best bet is to buy in lengths what I have seen is 12 foot sticks 3/16 works ok but is real weak in the make up I use It really make a difference on the blend as to bending and welding the other issue is on the clips seems there are a lot more venders for 1/4 than there are four 3/16 SS is very good but pricy and heavy and welding takes another set of rules hope this helps and I wish you luck in the chase You have the bug just like the rest of us.... ..... .......
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