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  1. Oh You got to get pictures That sounds awsome
  2. They should all be basically the same the one thing nice is with the ready to go strings you get plug ins and fuses. The up side to reels is the length of run and custom fits although you do need to provide plugs and finding fused plugs is a challenge. Led vs. Incandescent now that is up to you more to looks. No question you could probably do your entire roof line with one plug in where as the Incandescent you would have to inject power every 50 bulbs or so. Dave's idea above is a great one takes a little time but the look is great and installation is real nice. Do what you feel is comfortable to you and is safe. Mark my words oh about the 15th of December you will standing looking at your lights and wham your thoughts will go to what you can add and make better. Yep you got the bug and this has happened to all of us and yes you now have the CLAP......... Good luck and happy hanging
  3. Hey Louie If you have any left over let me know
  4. Wow that's a lot to take in...... Roof line are real straight forward to do - shingle tabs - there are a bunch of them out check in the venders section here or price them out at your local hardware stores. I think most should be out on the shelf now or soon will be. Another option would be to use J channel and drill out holes (normally 23/32 for c-9) and these J channels can be purchase at Lowes, home depot, etc.. C-9 incandescent lights are or should say the number on a string is something that you will need to watch. That is why they come normally in 25 bulb strings. The watched part is amp draw on the wire string. Probably the best thing for you just getting going would be to use the boxed pre made strings and do not go over that count. Now you can shorten that string to fit your needs. Just cut the length you need (power off of course) remove the plug end and reconnect with water tight fixture of your choosing. I solder mine and use two slips of shrink tube double walled. Now for the power you would want to only connect two strands together with one ac plug. I would follow the manufactures recommendation as to how many can be connected together as a guide for you. LEDs can be shortened but that is really involved not to say that you would not be able to more that it will take a lot more time and work on your part with some soldering and knowledge of diodes and resisters. You can do a search here and get a feeling for what is involved. I shorten mine all the time. By all means keep asking my only caution would be these projects can really get involved and some times are better to start off little bites at a time as to keep it fun and enjoyable and not to expensive right off the get go. Reels of lights are very doable but again you have to watch the amperage that is used and build accordingly. On the venders section here there are tons of ways to make it happen welcome to the madness Hope this helps
  5. Very nice find way to go......
  6. With the mix balance the power on your box also
  7. Very clever Good idea and should be good in bad weather....
  8. http://www.plastidip.com/home_solutions/Plasti_Dip I have did what you are looking to do and this paint worked the best it does come in a white spray can The rubberized paint should flex the same as your wire insulation coating
  9. No wait you have the eureka moment...... Here you are climbing along just about to the top whooo slip, slip, grab, grab the unthinkable happens you find yourself falling through the air headed towards terminal velocity you have over 10 second's so the first few are used up by a scream then wham o it hits you You have your high tech helmet with Kevlar materials, heck this baby will stop a bullet so hitting the ground will not be a pro------------------ Moral to the story is that the fall is the easy part the hard part to get over is the sudden stop Those guys have to have nerves of steel mine are more like jelly
  10. Who would of thought they are even commercialized....LOL..... Here is a thought for you - what will you do when they reach driving age and want to borrow the car? See know you are not worried about the low hanging ornaments.... Welcome to the madness it really is fun....
  11. Wow on the time factor....ouch If it is only for one event find a moving deer motor and just repurpose it all the wiring should be there all you would need to do is figure out the movement and would save you time
  12. Yep he is certifiable ----- dam wonder what that says about me 10.5 sec ummm wonder how many screams that is one long one or a bunch of short bursts Really one of those questions I do not want to have first hand knowledge off
  13. He said oh its not that bad only 2 to 3 times a week as needed All I know the ambulance bill or depends bill would be in a race Yea I wasn't bad with it until they move to the outside pheeeewy crazy made me nervous just sitting and seeing...
  14. My buddy said he has a new job and this is what he does I will tell you just watching gave me the willies I have been off the ground but OMG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCYZZPwJr_c
  15. Why not mix a little of both and see what you think Really it is all up to you and I am sure it will look great That is why we all do this to show our own thoughts and ideas of displaying Send along some pic or vid I would love to see them
  16. Very nice I wonder if my insurance covers me for hitting a Zombie......
  17. Welcome Jake Thanks for joining the madness of blinky - blinky
  18. They are really easy to restring yourself and will be the most cost effective and you could make a family affair out of it. Just count up the lights and find the size of wire you will be attaching to. Normally you will have 3/16 or 1/4 inch not to say yours might be a different size wire. A simple way to check this is take a 3/16th or 1/8th inch drill bit and check it to your wire frame. Once you have this go to one of the venders here and find wire clips and match the size and order the amount that matches your light count plus a few more (just in case). Here are some links to look at. http://www.christmas-leds.com/category_v3.aspx?categoryID=386 http://www.christmas-leds.com/category_v3.aspx?categoryID=354 http://www.christmas-light-source.com/Mini-Lights-with-Clips_c_107.html http://www.ledlightsunlimited.net/catalog_c295930.html
  19. Did you mean the lighting portion or the frame work itself?
  20. Both are good just depends on if you want plug and play or DIY If this is your first go at this I would do a search for both here and other sights and you will have a lot to look at to help you decide
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