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  1. Good meeting It was awsome to see all Thanks to all
  2. Dan, Doug is right it is a lot more to it then just picking up a welder. You will need the right clothing, a welding helmet, correct power source and materials. Now in saying that if you want to get into welding or reconnect with past experience. I would check out some local courses or a friend with some time to help you out. Reading is great but with the potential for injury a experienced helping hand is the way to go. The cost you would see from the wire frame guys here will be very competitive and they will have an eye for what you are trying to achieve with good results. Their passion is in doing this work. I do wire frames but I do not work in steel. I have chosen to work in aluminum. The steel frames with powder coating are excellent with a ton of color choices also and mine are 3-D format weld less so mine would not be a fit for you. Doug or Dan would be great to work with and they do very nice work. I am sure there are a few others also. Good luck Hope this helps
  3. Bill how many channels are on the display? Rope light? Not much to say but awsome work, simply awsome
  4. Nice job Bill Looks like it has a exploding effect
  5. You know that almost sounds worth it...Helicopters buzzing....swat guys running around.....me and spidy just looking at each other
  6. Amen BROTHER me to You would not believe how mannnnnny failures I have well should not say failure just not what I wanted Even this idea I think a distroyed 40 foot of aluminum.... But it worked out Glad you like it Lots more to come P.S. Figured out a way to get a 12 foot ball....more on that one later
  7. Could you imagine the TSA's face PRICELESS......
  8. Now that is to funny My test was I had my wife stand in front of the spider with her eyes closed. I did not tell her what it was just that it was a decoration Oh yea I got a scream and then the way cool ...... .... ..... .... Life is good
  9. Thanks Mark Should I bring him to the CLAP meeting?
  10. What do you think? About 4 foot by 4 foot by 3 foot tall
  11. Welcome to the madness
  12. DSE

    Goodwill Find!

    Very nice, good for you
  13. Thanks Dan I stuck it around the corner and my wife come out and yea there was some screaming going on I think she pee a little to..... .... ...
  14. What do you think? Gives some different ways to make up a design Dennis
  15. Hey guys just keeping you up to date The decoration is up and a running Check it out and let me know your thoughts Dennis http://www.christmas-leds.com/productinfo_v3.aspx?productid=DPB-11BLS
  16. Thanks Speedy and I am sure your snowflake looks grand You know none of them are to be a like.....
  17. Thanks The same type of decoration started this adventure for me. It used to take me 3 days to put my ball decoration back together and a bunch of snap ties and super glue. I had around 25 of them 12 inch diameter.
  18. Wow John you will have a bunch of great display items nice job
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