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    Smiles on children and adults alike on Christmas morning.
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    My first year. Been wanting to do a 'puter controlled light show since I saw my first, and by golly i'm doing it in 2011
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    Approximately 6500 Lights (45% LED) 10x8 mega tree and inflatables

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  1. Post it on vimeo.com. Be sure and put in some sort of disclaimer. Here's what I have on my site: Disclaimer: All songs heard in videos belong to the musicians and their companies. I do not own any of the music heard in these videos and am using it under the "Fair Use" portion of the U.S. Copyright Law.
  2. As promised to Chuck Smith at the 2013 Christmas Expo. A video of the Boyd Family Christmas Light Show. Sequencing by Ron Boyd and Brian Bruderer (Superstar Lights)
  3. Put the ornaments up higher than he can reach for one. As far as the little one knocking it over, put something around the perimeter. Our little one only pulled the ornaments off. There was no problem with him knocking it over. Just make sure its a anchored really good at the bottom. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Tapatalk 2
  4. My guess would be at the Expo next month in Gatlinburg. Sent from my SAMSUNG-Galaxy-SII Skyrocket using Tapatalk 2
  5. Start-->My Documents-->LightORama->>Visualizer Sent from my Kindle Fire using Tapatalk 2
  6. Aahh, That's where I messed up. I plugged in one, let the pc detect it, then unplugged it and plugged in the other one. The pc gave the 2nd one the same comm port #. Even a blind squirrel finds a hickory nut from time to time. Ron
  7. Elaborate please.Turn-key is what I'm best at.
  8. I've started RGB stuff this year and already have 2 sets of the LOR CCPixels, but, I found FastEddy’s Candy Cane design: http://auschristmasl...hp?topic=1723.0 and wanted to do some of those. If you look at the video, the effect I’m looking for is at the very beginning of the video, alternating between red and white and green and white etc. I posted this on another forum and got some great information, even from FastEddy himself, but I think, a little above my skill level. All that being said, I have a few questions. First: these are the 3 things I thought I could use, or something simi
  9. I did. I got it figured out late last night. Thanks
  10. I usually pride myself in figuring things out, but right now, I really feel like a big dummy. Someone please tell me that I’m missing something simple, reading too much into it and creating problems that are not really there, or if I’m just a big knucklehead. The auto sequence, I can do, but, I don’t like the way they turn out. The lights just don’t do what I want them to. First let me set the stage, · Thursday, March 29th, 2012 @ 21:03:57 EDT: LOR Grab Sale · 3) 16 channel controllers ordered, check! · CC Pixel string ordered, check! Check out done: · My reaction:…………………. “Woo
  11. I used a box knife with a straight and hook blade, Jig saw and a band saw. See attached .pdf
  12. It is white coro. Bought 6 sheets from a local supplier I found on coroplast.com and using their distributor locator. Cost me $10 a sheet
  13. Thanks guys. I am now ready to do 4 Bethlehem Stars and will post assembly photos and pics of finished stars. thanks for all the help.
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