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  1. i was excited when i saw it, my friend that was with me though acted like he didnt know who i was lol
  2. thats really cool, yea i think im going to go for it
  3. im not sure, but ive really been thinking about it, i think it stems from wanting to put up lights in the warm lol
  4. im toying around with an idea of having my display up for one weekend in july with a santa n collecting canned goods any thoughts?
  5. then it was two different displays, i knew mr stotelmyer from hagerstown, md (about 10 miles south of greencastle where i live) and i know his went to auction at about the same time so i figured it would of been the same persons
  6. then there must of been a second display i know this gentlemans display also went up for sale after he died in the same location it must of been before this one
  7. i just now saw this post, these items came from a display that was by my house as a kid, i spoke to the gentlemen who did it on several occasions, he wanted his kids to continue it when he died, but the kids had other plans as you can see. when he passed, the property sat around for several years until they sold his collection. i was about 14 when he passed and i tryed to get some of the blowmolds from them and they informed me at some point they would be going for auction and i assume that is why the locals were paying so much everyone wanted certain blowmolds from his display. he actually gave me my first two blowmolds the toy soliders on the front of my house
  8. i currently use ones outdoors, that are non sealed, thats the type i want to use and to be able to replace the blubs
  9. gotcha, i mean if need be ill just buy them all at home depot during the light turn in sale lol
  10. i was honestly thinking that i mean plans are to double the display size, and change to leds, since the savings in power would be 600 dollars for a season
  11. im looking in the neighborhood of 1000 one hundred light strands of various colors of course
  12. thanks i put some sand in my other blowmolds, and was getting ready to do the camel but it seems since the grass finally froze he made his own spot it seems like thats all he needed. if that doesnt work ill just put an empty bottle of vodka next to him and call him the drunk camel
  13. hey there i have the typical blowmold camel, he wont stay up i was thinking of putting sand in the bottom but the blub socket is there, ive always just put a really short stake behind him but its just not working this year in the location i moved the nativity set too. any suggestions? thanks chris
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