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    Since I was a child I loved decorating the house and yard with Christmas Decorations.
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    Christmas Cut Outs and Outddor Decorating at my home.
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  1. Qberg, how do you brace your coro cut outs?
  2. Has anyone used a kilz primer on there coroplast cutouts? The Krylon Fusion paint works but it's hard to spray it on evenly and it likes to run if it gets too thick.
  3. That's what I'm looking for. I just would like a side view version. I'm going to have to watch the DVD and see if there is one.
  4. Thanks, I take that you put the DVD in the computer and use snag it? Is this something you download?
  5. I'm starting to work on some ideas for some new characters for my display. Since I was a kid, I have always loved the original Rudolph classic. What I would like to do is a large cut out with Santa in the sleigh and all the reindeer hooked to the sleigh. From the classic. I can't find any images online that will seem to work. I want to put it on my roof as if they have landed on it. Has anyone ever done this or have and images? I will also make some of the other characters for my yard and I have already found plenty of those images. Any ideas?
  6. Looks like I'm busying some to try a sample paint job on a piece of left over coro. What type of sealer do you use? Also does it cause yellowing? Not sure what this quote button is. Haven't figured it out.
  7. Thanks. Looks like I'm going to buy some and do a sample paint job on a piece of left over coro. What type of sealer do you buy? Also will it turn yellow?
  8. So you do use them or you have used them? The exterior paints I used last year worked great but my paints are going on 3 years and I'm not sure if paint expires. I don't want to pay $10 a quart again because with all the different colors would cost me over $200 bucks. The Home Depot doesn't sell the sample sizes in exterior colors. Do you have to put a uv protection on the acrylics?
  9. Has anyone ever used the Decoart Patio Paint on their coroplast cut outs? I normally have used exterior paints from Home Depot but with all the different colors it gets expensive. Expecially if its a color il you only need a small amount for. Any feedback is appreciated.
  10. How do these motors plug into an extension cord? Do the come with a plug?
  11. I purchased a used old school overhead projector of of ebay for like $20. Then printed images on the clear paper. I also purchased coloring books and, would put the clear page over the image and trace it. Printer ink is expensive.
  12. What type of wood did you use and how thick is it?
  13. What type of wood are you useing and how thick?
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