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  1. New Jerseys Number One Christmas Display All for Charity! What you will see when you come to our 2017 Show. Features our TWO NEW pixel grids HIGH above our house, our pixel tree with almost 8,000 lights, our four-colored flame machines. Always a favorite ouur expanded Mega Tree with over 52,000 lights!!
  2. Can anyone recommend someone who can do custom LOR programming for this year. We will have 384 channels for 2012. cranburychristmaslights.com Voted #1 Christmas Display in NJ - Raising over $12,000 in donations for Chrity!
  3. 52,000 light, 336 Channel and 19,000 feet of extension cords Featuring our: 9600 Light Mega Tree on 96 channels 20 Foot By 20 Foot 6400 Custom Snow Flake Wall on 63 separate channels! 10,000 Custom Fountain of Light made up of : 2 - 4 foot / - 2 - 8 foot / 2 - 12 foot / 2 - 16 foot and 1 center 20 foot tower. Every section has 4 hundred lights (red/white/green/blue) all on separate channels (104!) plus the fountain on the ground! cranburychristmaslights.com
  4. Any chance of you emailing me a couple of your segments. You dont have to let me know what song it is, I am just looking for ideas. Thank you, Keith
  5. We do a Light o rama display for charity (local food banks). This is my first year at attempting a 96 channel mega tree. Would appreciate if anyone is willing to share pieces of their favorite parts of a mega tree sequences to give me ideas of what to do. Any other hints, suggestions or sequence ideas you would like to pass along again would be greatly appreciated! You can email me at [email protected] Thank you! Keith A. Shaw Cranbury NJ
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