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  1. OK I'm back. I've just re-read all the posts here and I'm getting the feeling there is a basic misunderstanding that needs to be fixed. What everyone neeeds to understand is that I don't make any monwy when you use my song in your home display. You, as a private individual, do not need to license my song to play it at your house, indoors or out. The only time I make money from this song is when A)someone purchases it from iTunes or some other service (and then I make about six cents per download) or it is licensed for commercial use or C) it gets played on the radio or television (and possibl
  2. Hi Everyone, There is a difference between you owning the song and asking someone to sequence it for you,and someone creating a product specifically based on my song and then marketing it and selling it using the song to do so. Think of this example: you are a for-profit company that manufactures doll clothes. Your clothes fit Barbie dolls but you cannot use a barbie in your advertising and you cannot even say "these clothes fit barbie dolls" in your ads or on your packaging. However, if you own a Barbie you can pay someone privately to make clothes for it. It would be different if
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