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    fairly new to yard decoration for holidays parent to 8
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    I did tombstones, dummies etc this year for halloween.
  1. Just found your post. They are great. Must show my daughter in law. She did here inside of house nightmare before christmas.
  2. Charlie want to thank you for the information. I have a 20ft Merry Christmas and 12ft peace on earth and have a couple sections that no longer light. Think I am gonna be brave and try to fix.Worse comes to worse. I'll just redo the whole thing
  3. wonder what I did wrong..can anyone help me
  4. diagia

    My Nativity

    Thank you Elaine and Scotty
  5. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.573962272618653.144091.100000146560054&type=1 hope I did this right
  6. diagia

    My Nativity

    Got my yard back up. Here is my nativity. I did splurge and buy a new to me Mary and Joseph and the green shepard. The tree is just a tomato cage with tinsel and blue lights. Does not look the greatest during the day but real good at night. Never did look for the rest of the livestock and camels.
  7. Me too.. got to figure out a better way that's for sure
  8. Here is part of my yard this morning. Had some of vinyl siding on other side of house come off.. few limbs in yard. Still having wind. so disheartening
  9. Thank you Elaine for answering my question.. went to the next town in this god awful rain to get some more lights. hopefully tomorrow I can get my yard back to normal and take some pictures. It is suppose to be windy up to 30mph again tomorrow. so we will see..
  10. diagia

    So Excited

    Thanks ya"ll !!! If it will quit raining and this awful wind goes away, I will try to take some pictures..yard is a mess this evening..I could not turn on my lights for the swamp out there. Have a few blow molds down and had them rebarred. kind of a bummer after my exciting news today.
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