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  1. replaced all the c9s with led's this year. made 10 mini trees, a 7ft tall northpole. stil need to rebuild one 16ft arch still need to do more on the roof and something on the fence. im getting there
  2. around march or april a little old lady came walking by as i was doing yard work. she wanted just to thank me for my christmas decorating. she said her and her husband use to decorate every year. they can no longer do it, and she said it made her really really happy everytime she came around the corner and saw my lights. i thought was great. i thank her and told her she could stop by anytime. she said she would see me this year for the display. so between people like her and my 5 year old daughter i have my work cut out for me. adding a pickup load of lights and blowups this year. i need to re
  3. thinking about heading to home depot tonight. try and pick a mr christmas and a few hundred more light. or untill the wife tells me that enough for now lol. would like to see some mods done to the mr christmas thanks david
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