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  1. That vid is crystal!!! What drone/camera did you use.
  2. Thats what I used them for. It hangs about my normal sign.
  3. NH - Dave


    Is anyone making snubbers to sell during the off season? I know I can make my own, but...
  4. Although these are not sold any more, vendor issues I guess, I thought I would post the info sheet for them. Just in case someone needs it. Snap-n-Glo Panel.pdf
  5. Normally the extension cord connections are not the problem as much as it is the items themselves. Making your own cords is definitely the way to go. Our question to you would be is the display static or animated? If static then master cords to the items and branches to the items are just fine. GFCIs are a nuisance, but it most of our opinions a necessity for safety reasons.
  6. I had a mix of LED and Xenon on my tree this year - two strings of 8. More by necessity than design. Looked great. Will have to plan it next year. Will also add one more string of 8 in the back for more effect.
  7. Yep sad day - Break down. I think its more of a mess than setup. All the yard stuff is in the shop warming up to put away. Wood stove craking to dry everything and get the rope light items warm for storage.
  8. Never! I take great pride in my sequencing. Thats what I get the most comments on....
  9. Yhe Night Owl is a great system. I have installed two of them so far. Great Tech support!
  10. Thats great! Personally I only use x-10 to turn on the motion deer. Most of us leave the transmitter and LORs on 24x7.
  11. normally its not the connectors on the ground, unless in standing water, its the items them selves. DE has a good bad weather voice over for when you have issues like this...
  12. If you dont continuously think about it, it will not grow. Its not a pot of boiling water. Watch it and it will grow; build it and they will come!
  13. I store my Halloween molds in the garage - unheated. I havent had any problems, but maybe some of the more fanatical mold collectors can shime in.
  14. Another Light junky born - AWESOME.
  15. Thanks guys. The RGB may be the way they do it. Hoping that someone that has them will post something.
  16. The LOEs here also know me ad the display and routinely patrol the street. Yes, a good relationship with the LOEs is a good thing...
  17. I have seen the vids where the stick white trees are changing colors; red, green and white. Where do you get them? Or are they home made??
  18. Hey all - now that its in full swing and you have gone thru all your goodies, I am in the need of this incan snowflake. If you have one you can sell, please PM me.
  19. The light linkers are the best way to get the signals from inside to outside and beyond, Buz Lightyear reference oooh! I am running 4 ELLs this season and will get more next.
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