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  1. Wow. Just....wow. My eyes have no idea where to look first!
  2. Thank you for the kind compliments. And yes Greenia, the middle turkey is a repaint. :-)
  3. Last few blow molds in these pics I didn't have a chance to put outside.
  4. hi when you posting valentines pics

  5. Holy Santa Concentration Camp Bat-Man!
  6. Oh....and are you close to Ohio so my little ones can come by and ''visit''?...LoL
  7. As a new member here, I must thank you for posting and bumping up all these catalog threads. It's been really great looking at all these. :-)
  8. Thanks pal! Coming from someone with great style and fun ideas like yourself, I really appreciate the kind compliment.
  9. Simply wonderful and beautiful! Looks like so much fun too. I'm already a fan of your YouTube videos. I'm a new member here, so it's really grand to find your photos here as well. You do an amazing job each holiday. The hard work really pays in the end. :-) I would love to know where you get your blowmolds usually. And what paint do you use? Spray or brush? Again....great job!
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