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  1. To everyone here on PC I would like to say "thank you" first of all for welcoming me back when I first discovered PC when I was using my Lights & Sounds of Christmas. Secondly; I have upgraded recently (last year 2011) to the Gemmy 6 channel MP3 with timer unit & have used it again this year with my mp3 player with 53 songs on it. (2 1/2 hrs. worth of music) I have been looking over the forums between the compatibilities (differences) between 2 products I am interested in. (Animated Lighting & LOR) I'm not going to sit here & bash either corporation or product as I hav
  2. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year To All; First of all if I may say this is my 3rd year of decorating my house with lights & music. (although I do not own a LOR system or other unique piece of equipment.) I currently own the Gemmy 6 channel MP3 music box & have very few lights strung around the house & my trees. I can recall the first time I became interested in making my lights dance to music I bought the Lights & Sounds of Christmas & had wanted more. My son was then 2 or 3 years old when I started that & is currently now 4. I recieved alot of comments
  3. Thank you all for the welcome; feels great to be part of a community full of people who love Christmas all year around. My plans for this year didn't go as expected; as I wanted to do something different than I did last year. I had planned on adding more lights than I have posted earlier tonight but with the amp limit on the plugs for the gemmy & what I actually have available at the moment for lighting materials as well as money things didn't really change much. The best thing is that I can finally add my own music to the lighting & I get to see my children enjoy the Christmas
  4. Hello & Good Evening All; Have been sitting here looking through the forums off and on the last couple of days & have decided to become a part of the PC community. I am a father of 3 children ( 2 daughters 17 & 13, and a 3 yr. old son ) married for 18 yrs. & have lived in Streator, IL for almost 21 yrs. One of the things that brought me here was a search on the Gemmy 6 channel Holiday Lightshow control box with the mp3 player compatibilty for it. Last year i used the Lights & Sounds of Christmas from Mr. Christmas & though it did a decent job I was looking f
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