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  1. I would be more than willing to... but these were quite a few years back and I don't have them anymore. I get all my ideas from doing a google image search for whatever I want and "coloring pages". I do customize some though, I may have drawn Buzz Lightyear in that position and the alien in the stocking myself. Same with Mr. Potato Head's santa hat. The "Planet Z" sign was custom drawn based on signs like that on the Buzz Lightyear ride in Disneyland.
  2. Another set from a years back. This was another one at my parents house where we did a toy drive for the Bay Area Crisis Nursery to go along with the Toy Story theme and to help out children in need. Let me know what you think!
  3. Hey everybody, I'm a long time lurker but a newer member. I'm working on a new set currently but it won't be ready for this year as my wife is 36 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child who is due right around Christmas. I'll post pictures but I don't want to give the idea away too soon! Anyway, here's a Nightmare Before Christmas set from a few years back. Let me know what you think!
  4. Whatever I can get my hands on! I use the thinner stuff like 1/4 inch for smaller pieces, and the thicker like 1/2 inch for the bigger ones. never had a problem with em. I get almost all of my wood for free. I've used crappy reclaimed wood and just sanded it smooth first. Again I've never had a problem. I use acrylic paints and varnish them. Some of the cutouts are 12-15 years old.
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