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  1. That is so cool Mikell!!, I wish I had my own amusement park but a vintage ride one. Looking at your pics,there is a birdhouse with some figures on the left tree? Whats up there? And if you need another mickey. I have a wire framed one for sale. Needs a good home and would look great with your new figures!. I have some of my grandparents lights who are gone now and put them up for memories and in honor of them. Love it!!!
  2. Not sure what type of dogs you would call this but I have it,lol.
  3. Nice score!!! A CL find or somewhere else?
  4. Thanks all. This spring I got even more lucky when a neighbor of mine gently put about 20 BM at the curb. My van was so packed I couldnt see out the back window! It was like 4am and no one took them. I couldn't believe it. Been very fortunate in my finds this year.
  5. Found the santa and sleigh in a trash bag and the soldiers sticking out of a box. I've packed soldiers to ship out before so I new what it was as I was driving by. Soldiers need a clean up but they and the rest are all solid!
  6. Thank u all for all the amazing suggestions!! I didn't get any message alerts in my email to all these posts so just seeing now. We had a few random days the ground was slightly soft. So I found some metal 3ft tall garden stakes that are covered in plastic(buried in the backyard) and we pounded those into the ground. Slid the blowmolds over them and for the most part they held up well. I just started putting them away 2 days ago and we have been having some pretty high winds. Luckily no major catastropies!! Thanks a bunch!!!
  7. Any ideas? I tried hammering a metal garden stake in the ground but no dice. Could use rebar but it's expensive and i can't pull it back out when the season is over. Grounds frozen here in NY and the wind won't stop. It's like hearing bowling pins fall on my front lawn!! Any other ideas??
  8. I just saw that one s8830906 Still out of my budget right now but Thank You!!
  9. I found this snowman box. Do these things sell or would anyone be interested in it. I rescued it from a neighbor.
  10. I have a few candle tops,1 lantern top, a patriotic snowman(hat needs a little work),another candle,the Mickey above, and another gingerbread tree available. I have a older choir girls head also. Anyone still looking. I need to find a santa with sleigh. Does NOT have to be vintage for a freind. Anyone local have?? Long island
  11. If you had JUST the head part of the angel. Is it worth much? It's pretty delicate.
  12. 2 of the 4 candles I have,2 soldiers,the drummer bear, and both drummer boys are now sold!!. All others available. I have a few other santa's available also beside the one pictured above. One has a metal plate on back where the light bulb goes.
  13. Yeah, the 2 skull ones on the right sold to another PC member over the summer. I'm still debating if I want to keep the skull N Rats one on the left!
  14. Everything is price listed or obo. 1/2 of them are 1x displayed actually so like new. If u do not like the price,make an offer. No need for complaints ;/
  15. F.Y.I. to all!!! If you have had issues with non payment on Ebay or issues here not paying someone,I will NOT sell to you!!!.Most people are good but as we all know their are some bad apples as they call it. I am a honest person all around and expect it back. I have perfect feedback on Ebay to show I'm good. Payment is made through Paypal,and I will take a picture of me packing ur item for proof it's going out if You would like that Thank You
  16. I can find out tonight for you. Where is 48623 and what type of shipping do u prefer.Pm info if want.
  17. I made a new post with my listing. Please ignore this post now. I'm not sure how to delete it!
  18. Hi, I'm selling a lot of my blowmolds. About 25 of them. I have christmas and halloween ones. Please email me for more info. Willing to do a little trading for some Halloween items also. ANY REASONABLE OFFER WILL NOT BE REFUSED! Any questions,please ask!! I have front and back pics of all. There are a few listed that have some dirt on them.Please ignore,will be cleaned before you come. All items are mint or near mint if not otherwise noted. Most come with power cords. I cannot figure out how to post all the pictures here so here is a link to my CL Ad:http://newyork.craigslist.org
  19. I adore your pumpkin lanterns!!! If you ever want to trade them,lmk!!!
  20. Ok, so here is most of what I have: I am in Long Island,NY but will ship. I have perfect feedback on Ebay to show I'm a good and honest seller. I cannot figure out how to post pictures here so You can see them on my Craigslist ad or I can always Pm u them. Just lmk how to post them here please!!! http://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/for/4095994448.html The majority are vintage. ANY REASONABLE OFFER WILL NOT BE REFUSED! Any questions,please ask!! I have front and back pics of all. There are a few listed that have some dirt on them.Please ignore,will be cleaned before you come. All items a
  21. I have about 25 blowmolds for sale. SHould I post here or in the classifieds section?? Thank You
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