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    I am new to the outdoor christmas light world and am looking to learn more about it as I have always dreamed of lighting up my yard
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    Football, ridin my ATV's and just hanging with friends
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    It is small and simple. For Now
  1. I am trying to figure out how much spacing to put between my strands at the bottom of my tree/ The tree measures 10' tall with a 6 foot diameter bottom. I have 12 light strand up top but at the bottom I have 24 connecting points. Any help on the subjet would be apreciated.
  2. Ok it was just a thought that I had. Didn't even think about the welding part of it.
  3. Anyone use 1/4" inch aluminum rod instead of steel. I was thinking of this as an option so that rusting wouldn't happen and it is also easier to bend. Do you think it owuld be strong enough? I am planning on making a huge Merry Christmas to sit on the peak of our roof and was thinking aluminum would be easier to work with bending wise.
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