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  1. Most likely not, it just going to depend on how many you have. I run 13,000 incandescents on one controller with 2 circuits, I'm way pass the capacity of one circuit.
  2. I had this problem last year. I set out some of the big wooden rat traps and fixed 6 of the problems.
  3. Is there any way to display the channel number with the chanel description without clicking it? I have a tso sequence someone had up for sharing and it is a 100 some chanels I'm still 16. But when I run it it looks like it will diplay nice on my set up wit some minor tweeking. What I'm trying to do is find ch 1-16 on unit 1
  4. I gave in. Got an extra computer running and ordered a transmitter. Music should be live Tuesday.
  5. I have a good copy pm my your email and i will send it over.
  6. I pulled the meter out when I replaced the panel. The meter pan is unchanged and so is the underground cable. The service was 200 amps The house just had a 20 space panel, I replaced it with a 40ckt sqd. (with a legal interlock for the generator) While I was in the meter pan I re-torqued the lugs, cleaned the prongs on the meter and coated them with nolox when I put it back in. The 50 amp receptacle is connected to a 50 amp breaker in the panel. The are right next to each other.
  7. I'm very good with electrical and I'm confused about this also. 25 amps is not that much. But as I type this I can here the light bulb in the lamp behind me making noise. I was thinking bad controller? Is it even possible. The power company is a pita, so I don't even know where to start with them. Bad transformer or voltage regulator? The service is underground so I hope there is nothing wrong with it. All the lugs in the meter pan are tight. I re-torqued them when I replaced the panel.
  8. First year for animation and I have a problem. My lights keep dimming in my house during a sequence. All my computer UPS units keep turning on and off also. Stats. Just under 25 amps of lights. 1 lor controller. Lights fed from a temporary sub panel in the yard. This is feed via a 50 amp receptacle installed next to the main panel. In between each is 6 gauge so type rubber cord. House has a 200 amp service, brand new main panel (I just replaced it) Is this something to do with the power company? Incoming voltage is 118. Since the power company will most likely not do anything is
  9. I only have one song done now. And another non musical sequence. How do I send them to the controller so the laptop does not have to be connected. I know the music won't play but thats not a problem becacuse I don't have a transmitter. I have one of the pro series and I thought there was a way so save the show to it along with the run times. Anyone have a guide for this?
  10. Just FWI the fire department has nothing to do with electrical codes. As long as it is not a gross fire hazard. National electical code would apply here. It would all be considered temporay so it would not be an issue. Ask you building inspector for a list of any town or city ammended electrical codes they have. It they can't produce said document I would not wory about it.
  11. My current tree is 24 strands of 100 mini lights (no leds to rich for my blood) I want to add 24 green and 24 red. I was thinking 4 channels for each color. That would use up 12 channels. I might get some strobes for the tree also so that would be channel 13. That leaves 3, I may or may not use them for something else.
  12. I want to do a little animation this year, I'm a bit behind the 8 ball to do any music synchronization but I might just do some effects. I just want to dress it up a little and shave the electric bill a tad. What light o rama controller should I get I'm confused over the models. Is there 1 you have to have before the others? I'm fine with hooking it to the computer full time. I have a desktop and a spare laptop the I can use for the job. I think I'm just going to animate my mega tree for this year. I want fully assembled for the first one, after that with time I'll build the kit ones.
  13. The tube is called line hose. Its usually a ugly orange thing designed to withstand thousands of volts. Depending on how old the wires are the insulation might be pretty shot on them. If there are 3 separate wires on separate insulators chances are it is very old and definitely no insulation left. Like someone else said watch the connector are were the wires are joined. There is usually only a dinky plastic cover that will turn to dust if touched. If your not afraid you can recover these your self but be careful they are live. Also you could make something to slip over the wire your self i
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