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  1. Kill 'em with #Kindness! “@RevRunWisdom: Be kind.. For people are fighting a harder battle than they may show you. #kindness#Truth #true

  2. As if part 2 didn't SUCK bad enough...“@iTweetFacts: MEN IN BLACK 3 - Official Trailer: http://t.co/BvwHjfmz”

  3. Thanks guys!!...and lol at the stand in!
  4. This is about 90-95% done. I know it's not nearly as big as a lot of peoples here but it's a good start!
  5. Wow! Nice. I really like the part out front with the big tree, little trees and the dancing arches. very cool. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Thanks Superman! .... I look forward to learning a lot!
  7. Found this site about a week ago. I was goggling this kinda site because I always wonder where certain people get things for their displays. I figured there had to be other crazy people like me out there! lol...Just now getting a chance to check it out. Looks like there is more info here than I can handle...or afford! LOL! Anyway, looking forward to getting to know you guys and learning from you. Mostly learning where to buy more, how to store more and how to keep the wifey happy about MORE! lol...
  8. Awesone #tat! Love the Outsiders!“@dansmithism: Even though it's hard to. #script #lettering #tattoo http://t.co/1haMgDm1” #StayGold #LAink

  9. This---> RT “@LiIWayneYMCMB: Live more, complain less. More smiles, less stress. Less hate, more #blessed.” #Truth #TrustHim #Believe

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