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  1. All the material has been taken. Bob
  2. I am reducing the size of my display and have the following items for pickup. All items are free and are located in Martinsburg WV. 8 Fire stick/Bellagio light poles. 10 ft. tall 7 - 100 count clear strings on pole with red Star Light Sphere on top. Some spheres only have half of the lights light up. 5 ft ¾” EMT for mounting included. 4 Homemade giant snowflakes. Each one different and use 200-300 incandescent lights. Made from ¼ inch steel rod and need painting. 10 ft. section of 1 1/2 “ PVC included for mounting next to house. Original 10-12 foot mega tree from Christmas Light Show. Needs repainting and slight repair. Wooden platform for use on uneven ground also available. 2 40 ft C7 strands red bulbs 2 40 ft C7 strands clear bulbs 2 40 ft C7 strands green bulbs 2 60 ft C7 strand red bulbs 2 60 ft C7 strand green bulb 2 60 ft C7 strand clear bulb All on green wire 8 20 ft C7strands red bulbs 8 20 ft C7 strands clear bulbs 8 20 ft C7 strands green bulbs All on white wire 4 Chauvet Color Splash Jr. LED DMX floodlights They work, but there are some dead LEDs. Bob
  3. Amazon has 22 AWG flat rgb cable- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008LR6EAY/ref=oh_details_o07_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 $11.66 for 66 feet. Bob
  4. Tim I am planning a new 8-10 ft. mega tree for next year and have been thinking about the exact problem you are talking about. This is one solution I am considering. Put 4 t's equally spaced around your bottom ring with the center opening of the t pointing down. Use a short piece of pvc for each t on the bottom opening and then connect two pairs with elbows and straight pieces of pvc. Then you can set the ring down and slide concrete pavers over the pvc 'legs'. HTH Bob
  5. I have a pair of Easy Light Linkers for sale if anyone is interested. $200.00 shipping included in US. Bob
  6. You could buy a couple of pre-programmed routines from wowlights.com. You could laso pick up a few Christmas routines as well. Like Trevor said there is a definete learning curve. Seeing what a packaged routines looks like will give you some insight. hth- Bob
  7. The arches have a new home...........
  8. I have 4 - 7 channel. 100 count/channel, 10 ft long arches that need a home. The arches were build in 2008 have been used 2 seasons and one string is dead. I am located in Sebastian FL.
  9. Christopher - you beat me to it..I haven't had a chance to make them yet. I was surprised at the small size also. Perhaps just bake them on a cookie sheet. Do you have any video up yet? I have 4 so far and 2 more to go. www.tmloc.com
  10. Not a cookie, but sure sounds good:p Cinnamon Rolls with Instant Yeast A few weeks ago I made some chocolate chip cookies with instant yeast
  11. Thanks Lori...a lot better picture then mine!!!! Bob
  12. Darlene sorry this is the best I can do:121_reindeer: Bob
  13. All I can do is reiterate all of the great things others have said about the herculean task that Michael and Bill undertook in prepping for the mini and generosity of Lori and Gene in hosting the mini. The presenters were great and very informative. This was my first mini but not my last. Many thanks for a job well done....
  14. Just a reminder: I will be bringing the following lights for sale at the Mini: All strings are 100 bulbs. All on green wire. 24 red 23
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