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  1. Superstition by Stevie Wonder Spooky by the Classics IV She's Not There by The Zombies Torqumada
  2. How long are those connecting pieces up top? Torqumada
  3. I have the plans that he used. Did you make the diameter of the rings 1/2 of what he used on his? Torqumada
  4. Thank you. That helps a great deal. Did I understand you correctly in that you used 32 channels per tree? (8 channels per color, 4 colors per tree).
  5. I am looking at 4 foot mini spiral trees as well. You got 1.5 times around before you reached the bottom? Do you have any pictures? What size PVC did you use? Torqumada
  6. Anyone have anything up and running right now? My wife and I will be in Columbia tomorrow night for the TSO concert and if there is anything to see in the area, wouldn't mind stopping by. Torqumada
  7. I've actually got the same problem. The terrain goes up from right to left looking at my house. I tried to compensate, but didn't succeed with my arch. Torqumada
  8. Just realized your arch isn't square. One side is higher than the other. Still, it looks good. I don't bury mine. I have 80 pounds of concrete in the legs helping to hold it down. Torqumada
  9. Over the entire street? You might run into problems with the local government with that. Torqumada
  10. My structure for my driveway arch is similar in structure, but only one arch instead of the second. Do you find the second arch adds stability? I, too, use 2" PVC. Torqumada
  11. I found these at Big Lots today. They are 18 inches high. They might fit the bill. Torqumada
  12. That's interesting. You got two guys who live just a few miles away from eaach other, who have never met, who contributed to your display. I need to get a couple of those trees. Torqumada
  13. Oh well. Guess I'll have to wait until Christmas. :-) That's two shows I know of in your area, Mister Fields on Warren road, a new guy off of Flowing Wells in Martinez and me. Am I missing anyone else? Torqumada
  14. Obviously. Will your show still be running Saturday night? I work that side of the county and can stop by and see it. Torqumada
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