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    Twin Falls, ID
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    I have always enjoyed the Christmas season. Caroling, baking, decorating, shopping, and the family time make this the best time of year.
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    Interested in using rgb leds for next year's show, but I think I might need some technical guidance.
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    Fire Fighter
  • About my display
    I'm going on my second year of syncronized lighting with Light O Rama. I have about 15,000 lights and 48 channels.
  1. I have 64 lightorama channels, and 1,149 channels (383 pixels) for the RGB suff.
  2. Are you looking for something like this? http://vimeo.com/56026490
  3. And another. http://vimeo.com/56035911
  4. This is my third year with an animated display, and my first with RGB. http://vimeo.com/56039054 http://vimeo.com/56026490
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